Charleston-based Chilled Dills sells award-winning pickle-flavored vodka.
Dill Pickle flavored Vodka
Credit: Chilled Dills/Grandriver/Getty Images

I was doing a little research on pickle-flavored snacks when I discovered there was something even better than pickle popcorn or popsicles—pickle vodka! Chilled Dills, a Charleston-based liquor company, is dedicated to making your Bloody Mary or martini better than ever with their one-of-a-kind pickle-flavored vodka.

The founders of Chilled Dills were vacationing in Clearwater Beach, Florida when they tried pickle shots for the first time at one of their favorite watering holes. They couldn't get enough of this briny, boozy refreshment, and after several "pickle runs" to the grocery store for more pickle juice, they decided to make their own pickle-flavored vodka.

Chilled Dills is not only passionate about pickle-flavored vodka, but also the way it's produced. The vodka is distilled six times before the flavor infusion process begins, which uses patented technology to make sure the pickle flavor holds up well in mixed or iced drinks. The result is a cleaner, more pure spirit than what you'd find with traditional distilling practices, according to the website.

Chilled Dills pickle vodka is currently sold out on the company's website, but this product is available in liquor stores, restaurants and bars throughout South Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Wyoming, Kansas and for special order in Iowa. We have also noticed it for sale online at Total Wine for $20.99. Be sure to ask your go-to liquor store or favorite hangout to carry Chilled Dills so you can enjoy all the pickle-tinis, pickle-ritas and other pickle-flavored drinks you could ever want.