@gustheenglishbulldog_ features adorable moments of the dog at his owners' gym in Kansas.

While social media certainly has plenty of downsides, we love finding adorable animal accounts that fill our feeds with puppies, cats and other less-traditional pets. Our latest find is @gustheenglishbulldog_, an adorable dog named Gus, whose owners also own two gyms in Kansas City, Kansas. The account features Gus doing leg presses with his two-legged mom, listening to some pump-up tunes before a workout, recovering in the gym's sauna and, our personal favorite, sunbathing on the treadmill.

Gus' owner, Alexis Karstetter, says they adopted Gus when he was six weeks old, and he's been a gym rat ever since. Gus is now three, and Karstetter says she and her team love having him as part of their gym family.

"Our gym is filled with competitors and athletes, but we want to be approachable for everyone, so Gus is a great way to break the ice for people who are a little intimidated by fitness," Karstetter says. "He brings encouragement and is such a bright spot to everyone in the gym."

Karstetter says she first started the Instagram account after she kept catching him doing funny stuff around the gym. The account was originally just a fun way to document Gus' goofiness, but she had no idea it would go viral. Now nearly 50,000 people follow the account to see just what Gus is up to.

Credit: Alexis Karstetter

Gus is not only a great workout buddy, he's also a certified emotional support animal. He loves to sit at the front desk and greet whoever comes in—if he's not dozing on the self-propelled treadmills. And whether or not he got in a workout that day, the gym staff is always sure to feed him his favorite post-workout snack—lots of peanut butter!