The grocer just started selling bags of dill pickle-flavored popcorn for just $1.69.

Pickle-flavored food and drinks is the trend no one's talking about—but it sure is everywhere. From candy canes to vodka, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy the dilly flavors of your favorite brined veggie. And now Aldi has made it even easier by combining our love of pickles and popcorn into one tasty snack.

Clancy's Dill Pickle Popcorn comes in 7.5-ounce bags and is available at Aldi locations nationwide for just $1.69—what a dill! You'd better grab it while you can—and not just because Aldi fans are going to be obsessed with this product. According to a post on Aldi's Instagram account, it's only here while supplies last. Needless to say, we're stocking up on this yummy snack ASAP.

The good thing is, we've already scoped out all the best dill pickle-flavored snacks for you to fill the void once Clancy's Dill Pickle Popcorn leaves stores. Target is home to some pretty tasty dill pickle-flavored finds, from cashews to cheese. And air fryer fanatics will absolutely love our Crispy Air Fryer Pickle Chips if you're looking for the real deal.