You Can Make Boozy Truffles and Drink Champagne in This Airbnb Cooking Class

Hop on over to San Francisco to become a chocolate truffle master—and learn a thing or two about California wine.

We don't think there's any better way to learn about a city's heart and soul than by eating its food (and maybe enjoying a few yummy cocktails along the way). And we think this cooking class from AirBnB Experiences needs to be on your radar next time you head to San Francisco's Bay Area.

Kick off your trip to San Fran with this Chocolate Truffles Master Class, where you'll start off with a "chocolate shot" made with the liquor of your choice. Next, you'll learn how to make boozy dark chocolate truffles—accompanied by some Champagne—that you'll get to bring home as a souvenir. This class holds up to six people and starts at $75 per person.

Chocolate Truffles
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For those looking to continue the fun and keep the booze flowing, take this class on a weekend to also get a brief education on the California wine industry for a small additional fee. Guests will get to taste California dessert wines and snack on a cheeseboard while learning more about the region's vino. We think that's well worth the extra $22!

If all this isn't enough to make this a part of your trip itinerary, you have to check out the reviews. This truffle-making master class has an average rating of 4.94 stars, with guests gushing about how wonderful their experience was.

"The experience is definitely something you could take home and continue to work on as a hobby, and lessons that you can keep for life," one reviewer said. "I'd recommend this experience for any chocolate enthusiast [sic] as Inna is extremely knowledgeable and passionate in the [sic] subject."

Check it out: Chocolate Truffles Master Class + CA Wine, starting at $75

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