The former first lady shared her 2020 workout playlist that keeps her inspired even after new year's motivation starts to dwindle.

The better part of January—and with it, many of our new year's resolutions—seems to have come and gone before our eyes. Good intentions to prioritize our health and well-being tend to fall by the wayside when life picks back up after the holidays, but former first lady Michelle Obama is inspiring us to push through and fight for our goals in order to be our happiest, healthiest selves.

Mrs. Obama took to Instagram over the weekend to share her 2020 workout playlist that helps her stay motivated to keep her body moving through these chilly winter months. She shared 27 workout songs with all kinds of fun tunes to keep you energized, plus 10 cooldown songs—a great reminder we all need to prioritize stretching after exercise. From early 2000's Destiny's Child to Lizzo's latest hits, the former first lady's playlist is sure to help power you through a winter walk or weight lifting session.

While Michelle Obama is known for enjoying some high-intensity workouts, quick circuits and heavy weights aren't for everyone. And while this playlist may keep her pumped up for pushing herself through fast-paced cardio and strength sets, there are plenty of other great ways to move your body.

Simply prioritizing movement throughout your day may be a more sustainable option for you than making a daily appointment with the gym or fitness studio, and that's totally OK! Walking the dog an extra block before work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cooking for your family and even gardening are all good ways to stay active. And with that playlist going, your efforts to cook a healthy dinner could also turn into a mini dance party!