The actress and comedian celebrates being 99 years young this month.


Betty White has had the longest television career of any entertainer—she's been at it for 80 years and seems to have no signs of stopping. The actress and comedian is about to turn 99 years old, but we don't think she looks a day over 75!

White has been a pioneer when it comes to women in television and was actually the first woman to produce a sitcom. She's still as vibrant, quick-witted and lovable as ever, thanks to her three keys to longevity.

Betty White
Credit: Kelsey McNeal/Getty Images

The comedian told Parade Magazine ahead of her 96th birthday that two of her favorite things in life are vodka and hot dogs—but we think her third secret is likely what keeps her so energized.

"Enjoy life," White tells Parade. "Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, 'Hey, that was great!' It's not hard to find great stuff if you look."

White is also a huge animal lover and has kept taking care of pets well into her nineties. The actress has a golden retriever, Pontiac, who she refers to as "the star of the house."

While there may not be much research behind hot dogs and vodka for longevity—although moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to a longer lifespan—there's plenty of research that shows a healthy outlook on life and dog ownership can boost your health and length of years.