Thousands of people and millions of animals have been affected by this natural disaster.
Kangaroo jumping in an orange landscape
Credit: Saeed Khan/Getty Images

Australia has been experiencing its worst wildfires in years since this summer, and there's no signs of it stopping. So far, these wildfires have led to 25 deaths, killed or displaced nearly 500 million animals and destroyed 2,000 homes. New South Wales, in particular, has faced the most devastation.

While aid from the U.S. and other countries is pouring in via monetary donations and supplies, the need is unfortunately far greater than what has been supplied thus far. Find out how you can do your part and get involved, below:

Give Money to the Australian Red Cross

The Australian Red Cross has been actively working since these wildfires began in July to aid those who have lost their homes, prepare communities for disaster and even provide psychological assistance to victims. Donate today to help them reunite families and provide for their needs.

Donate Items From Charity Wish-Lists to Support Farmers and Families

GIVIT is an Australian nonprofit organization that is working to provide for victims' specific needs. While you are welcome to give money to the organization—which will use it all for essential needs—you can specifically support farmers, refugee families and more who are in desperate need of assistance through their "Items Needed" page.

Support the Koalas and Other Wildlife

According to the World Wildlife Foundations, over 8,400 koalas have been killed in New South Wales due to these wildfires. Supporting organizations like WWF Australia and RPSCA New South Wales help rescue, protect and rehabilitate animals endangered by these wildfires.

Additionally, you can support Port Macquarie Koala Hospital via GoFundMe. So far, the hospital has helped rescue 31 koalas, but they are still in need of help to search for more endangered koalas as well as treat any burns the koalas may have suffered.

Help Give Families a Safe Space to Recover

Save The Children is an organization that's currently working to build "Child Friendly Spaces" where families can recover, socialize and get the care they need together. The organization says these spaces give parents the ability to access support, relocate possessions and find recovery themselves knowing their children are in a safe, healthy environment. They need donations to continue these spaces across the continent. You can donate here.

Support Australian Firefighters

You can directly support The Country Fire Service for South Australia here, while New South Wales Rural Fire Service is also offering opportunities to support the families of volunteer firefighters who have died because of the wildfires. Additionally, Celeste Barber, an Australian actor and comedian, is hosting a fundraiser via Facebook to donate to these first responders.

Provide Hunger Relief

Foodbank, one of the largest hunger-relief organizations in Australia, is accepting donations to help feed victims of the wildfires. Donations are automatically going to the New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, and every dollar donated provides two meals.