I'm going on a pig-nic with Pickles, and no one can stop me.
Pickles the Pig
Credit: Instagram / @livingwithpickles

AirBnb has been really stepping up their game lately. You can now do things like hike with llamas at a vineyard, stay at the Jim Beam distillery and even take a cooking class with Great British Baking Show alums. While all of these experiences sound like a blast, there's a new one I really want to try: picnicking with a pig in California.

The pig's name is Pickles and he lives in Danville, California (near San Francisco) with a brood of other rescue animals including dogs, chickens and more. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram and has been featured on Good Morning America, the TODAY show and Animal Planet. Because dreams do come true, you can now book a picnic experience with Pickles and his dog brother, Dill, through AirBnb. Yep, Dill and Pickles. Adorable, right?!

If the cute factor wasn't enough to get you to book a flight to California, here's what to expect. The experience starts with a bike ride to a local park (Dill and Pickles will ride next to you in a stroller attached to your bike) where you'll watch Pickles perform some tricks and enjoy a tasty vegetarian picnic (we're not trying to eat a BLT in front of poor Pickles, y'all).

To remember this unforgettable afternoon, you'll get to take home artwork specially made by Pickles (OMG) and a commemorative book from his family.

The experience is rated five stars on AirBnb, and users say the food and cocktails are top notch, the hosts are very welcoming and the rescue animals are, of course, all super cute. The experience runs $150 per person and includes all food, equipment and unlimited rescue animal cuddles. I hope my husband is on board because I'm seriously considering a trip to see Pickles and his family this summer. Interested? Book your spot here.