Q: "What can I do with my leftovers?"

A: Happy Thanksgiving! By now your menu is finalized, your turkey's in the oven and your guests are arriving. Maybe the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is on TV in the next room. Congratulations! You're in for a day of delicious food and great company.

But sooner or later, after the meal and the football games and the good-byes to family members driving home, you're going to look around your kitchen and ask yourself, "What the heck do I do with all this food?" It's true: most people who cook on Thanksgiving come out of the day with more leftovers than they can shake a turkey baster at. And for the next week the challenge becomes: How do I make use of it all? I mean, I love a good turkey sandwich as much as the next person (extra stuffing, please-and don't skimp on the cranberry sauce!), but after about six of them I'm ready for something different. I'm guessing you will be too.

To that end, we at EatingWell have put together a great collection of innovative ideas for delicious meals that use Thanksgiving leftovers. Tasty, simple dishes-like Crispy Turkey Tostadas, Cream of Turkey & Wild Rice Soup and Turkey & Leek Shepherd's Pie-will make leftovers not just an obligation, but a pleasure.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

For the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, we'll be answering your most pressing Thanksgiving cooking questions and offering up delicious Thanksgiving recipes, easy cooking advice and essential tips for making your Thanksgiving a meal to remember.