Is Starbucks' New Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew Healthy?

It may be healthier than a PSL, but it's not as healthy as we had hoped.

This drink is perfect for that awkward time of year when it's still hot, but we're ready for fall (aka, right now). The concoction starts out with Starbucks Cold Brew that's sweetened with vanilla syrup and topped with pumpkin-flavored cream. And as if the pumpkin-flavored cream wasn't enough pumpkiny goodness, the baristas finish off the drink with a sprinkle of their iconic pumpkin spice seasoning. If that doesn't successfully welcome fall in the heat of the summer, nothing will.

But with the vanilla syrup and sweetened pumpkin-flavored cream, the drink isn't exactly healthy. A grande Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew has 205 calories and 31 grams of sugar-most of which is added. And while that's definitely better than the 380 calories and whopping 50 grams of sugar you get from a grande PSL, it should definitely still be reserved as an occasional treat.

Glass of Nitro Cold Brew with pumpkin spice sprinkled on top of the delicious looking cream foam at the top

Photo: Starbucks

After finding out the nutrition, we were bummed that the seemingly perfect drink isn't as healthy as we first thought. So, we brainstormed on how to lighten it up a bit. Pro tip: Ask your barista to omit the vanilla syrup. This will cut back on calories and slash about 20g of added sugar, while still preserving the delicious pumpkin spice flavor you love!

And if you're looking for an even healthier way to enjoy the flavors of fall, try making our Pumpkin Spice Latte at home. Made with only one teaspoon of maple syrup, this delicious fall-flavored drink has all of the pumpkin spice flavor with only 4g of added sugar. You can let it chill and serve it over ice for a perfect warm-weather fall treat! Not to mention, it'll save you from spending $4.45 to satisfy your daily pumpkin cravings.

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