Karlie Allen of Glendale, Wisconsin, was the latest consumer to discover a live frog in a package of Simple Truth Organic Lettuce earlier last week
frog on a tomato

Photo: tab1962/Getty Images

Organic produce is more popular than ever, according to statistics from USA Today, with fresh vegetables being the food consumers are most likely to pay extra for. But what if your organic veggies came with a live animal? Such was the case for Wisconsin woman, Karlie Allen, who discovered a frog in her box of organic salad greens earlier last week.

Allen took to Twitter to document her discovery of an amphibious creature in her Simple Truth Organic Lettuce, and her video quickly went viral. She told a local ABC news affiliate that the whole experience was going to make it difficult for her to stomach salad, as she thought she was buying the cleanest type of lettuce out there.

Several Twitter users noted this discovery actually reflects well on lettuce company Simple Truth, because the frog likely would not have survived if it were stuck in a box with lettuce that was contaminated with chemicals and pesticides, as frogs are extremely sensitive to both. What we are left wondering is if this is a common occurrence or a one-in-a-million situation?

ABC 13 News reached out to Roundy's, the parent company of the grocery store Allen purchased these now-infamous salad greens from, to see if consumers should be vigilant about watching for critters in their produce.

"These situations happen from time to time when organic products are involved," Roundy's said in a statement. "USDA certified organic items must be free of synthetic additives and certain pesticides. Although rare, from time-to-time we do see insects and other small animals such as frogs make it through packaging and fresh product items."

Blue Book Services, the leading provider of credit and marketing information to the produce industry, also weighed in on the subject, saying this is a pretty common situation and experts are currently working on preventative measures to keep frogs and other creatures out of your food.

So, where do we go from here? While chances are pretty slim that you'll hear croaking from inside your lettuce, it's always important to wash your greens-even if they have been "triple-washed." This will also ensure that you won't accidentally get a new pet!