Miami Fruit's three-foot "long neck" avocados are sweeping the internet, and you can still purchase them for a limited time.
longneck avocado cut open in someone's hands

Photo: Miami Fruit

We'd like to consider ourselves avocado aficionados here at EatingWell, keeping up with the latest varieties, learning cool avocado hacks and, of course, experimenting with all sorts of avocado recipes. However, we recently discovered an avocado unlike anything we've ever seen before-it's a three-foot-long, three-pound beast-and we're already thinking about the avocado toast possibilities.

These avocados are called "long neck" avocados, named for their funky giraffe-like shape, and have now become widely known thanks to Miami Fruit, a South Florida institution known for selling exotic tropical fruit varieties year-round.

According to Miami Fruit, South Florida is home to dozens of unique avocado varieties that you can't find anywhere else in the country and these long neck avocados are nothing new to the area-just maybe one of its best kept secrets. The company also noted these "long neck" avocados are no lab experiment-they are both non-GMO and organic.

Though these avocados have been commonplace in Miami for years, Miami Fruit ships boxes of their exotic produce across the country for everyone to try. This fun variety of fatty fruit is available for an extremely short season-mid to late summer-so you need to snag some ASAP.

Miami Fruit is selling boxes of these long neck avocados, starting at $37, to every state except for California, due to USDA restrictions. Order yours today before the fruit's very short growing season ends. Best part? If you live in a subtropical climate, Miami Fruit says you can plant the pit and grow your own long neck avocado tree!