These healthy items from Trader Joe's will make packing lunch a *whole* lot easier—and your kids will love them, too.

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Whether we're hosting a party or meal prepping for the week, Trader Joe's is our go-to when it comes to delicious and easy products. And with back-to-school season upon us, we couldn't wait to find out what TJ's had up their sleeve. We snagged a copy of the grocer's latest "Back to School" themed Fearless Flyer and found these seven products that will make getting your kids to school easy peasy while helping them eat healthy along the way.

Pepita Salsa

Pepita Salsa
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

With chopped pumpkin seeds and pureed red bell peppers, this salsa screams fall. And although it may not hit the spot for picky eaters, your adventurous little ones will love it! Throw some in their lunchbox with a side of tortilla chips and veggies or make an easy slow-cooker salsa chicken or burrito bowl for dinner.

Trader Joe's Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps

Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Back to school often means keeping one thing in mind: convenience. And while this can save you plenty of time, it often means health falls to the wayside. In order to avoid this pitfall, one thing you can do is opt for healthier chip options for your kids' lunches-and Trader Joe's has the perfect selection. These Trader Joe's Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps are basically popcorn made into chips with a few other things mixed in, like beans, lentils and quinoa, that up the fiber and protein count. They're delightfully crispy and a healthier alternative to traditional chips. They'll never know they're eating beans and ancient grains!

Banana Date Nut Bread Crisps

Banana Date Nut Bread
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Worried about your freshly made Healthy Banana Bread getting squished in transit? These banana bread crisps are a fun alternative for kids to munch on. Made with nuts like almonds and walnuts, banana and dates, these crunchy crisps are a tasty alternative to fan-favorite banana bread. Your family will love them and you'll feel good about serving them, so it's a win-win.

Sliced Organic Black Forest Ham

sliced organic black forest ham
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Cold cuts have gotten a bad rap for being ultra-processed and filled with nitrates, which are preservatives that keep the meat from spoiling but also may have a carcinogenic effects when processed or cooked. And while that's true for some options on the market, you can certainly find natural sliced meats out there. At Trader Joe's, their Sliced Organic Black Forest Ham Sliced is free of added nitrites and nitrates-the only ones you'll find in this healthy option are naturally occurring from the cultured celery powder and sea salt. Not to mention, your kids will love the sweet honey taste on this Garden Ham & Swiss Sandwich.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Snack Pack

sharp cheddar cheese individual size snacks
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

Whether you're looking for something easy to pack for snack time or you're just tired of hearing your kids complain about how hungry they are after school, try Trader Joe's Cheddar Cheese Snack Packs. Each individually ¾-ounce slice of cheese is perfect for adding a little something extra to their lunchboxes or to hold them over until dinner time-and with no additional work required!

Freeze-Dried Strawberries

packaged freeze dried strawberries
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

These freeze-dried strawberries are free of added sugar, and are crunchy, deliciously fruity little bites. These light and crispy snacks are just sweet enough. Your kids will love them so much that they won't even consider trading them at the lunch table. They're also great in yogurt, a bowl of cereal or some hearty oatmeal for a nutrition boost in the mornings.

Organic Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

organic chocolate chip granola bar
Photo: Courtesy of Trader Joe's

These organic oat bars were made for those days where brushing your teeth before catching the bus seems like a luxury. Paired with a piece of fruit, your kids can enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack they'll love as much as you'll love the well-deserved "me time." But if you can't wrap your mind around not preparing your kids breakfast, try the bars out for an after-school snack before the little munchkins head to after-school activities.