Don't worry, these healthy TJ's finds are delicious, too!
Trader Joe's storefront

Whether you're a keto dieter, vegan or just someone who is trying to eat a little better, we can all agree that protein is essential for a happy and healthy body. From the hairs on your head to the nails on your toes, protein holds our bodies together, helps us build muscle, circulate blood and so much more.

We scoured our local Trader Joe's for the healthiest and tastiest high-protein snacks out there. We consider a high-protein snack to have at least 7g per serving to help power us through the day. Check out our top picks, here:

Perfect Bars: 17g

Perfect Bar

Our resident R.D., Lisa Valente, is a big fan of Perfect Bars, and says Trader Joe's sells them for a great price-$1.89. Not only do these bars have a whopping 17g protein, they also pack in 4g fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals. Just watch out for the calories and sugar content, as these bars can be pretty high in both (read: they're great to eat before or after a tough workout!)

Plain Greek Nonfat Yogurt: 15g

plain greek nonfat yogurt

Trader Joe's is home to tons of different yogurt options, and we tend to gravitate to the high-protein Greek varieties. TJ's has nonfat, two percent and whole Greek yogurts in stores, and we typically opt for the plain ones so that we can control how much sugar we're eating. One protein-packed yogurt will only set you back 99 cents, so we love to use it as an inexpensive nutrition boost in smoothies, bark, sauces and dips!

Oven-Baked Cheesy Bites: 15g

Cheese bites

This little snack seems too good to be true, packed with 15g protein and 50 percent of your daily calcium needs in one serving! Luckily, it is every bit as delicious as it is nutritious-they taste like cheese straws or Parmesan crisps. Be wary of the sodium content if you're watching your intake; there are 310mg per serving, and it's easy to OD on these delicious snacks! You can snag a two-serving pack for $2.69.

Citterio Genoa Provolone Packs: 14g

salami and provolone packs

Charcuterie fans will love these adorable Genoa salami and provolone packs for just $2.49! Each item packs 7g protein per one-ounce serving, which makes for a great protein-packed snack on the go. Grab a friend and pair with some almonds, dried fruit and seeded flatbread crisps for quite the spread!

Cage-Free Fresh-Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs: 12g for two

bag of hard boiled eggs

We'll admit, this is the ultimate lazy purchase, but we love these on busy weeks when we just don't have the time to meal prep. These cage-free hard-boiled eggs are ready to eat, and they're loaded with protein, healthy fats and vitamins. It's the perfect grab-and-go snack!

RX Bars: 12g

RX Bars

One of our staffers is such a big fan of RX bars that her mom made her a "bouquet" of them for her college graduation! These bars are packed with 12g protein and 20 percent of your daily fiber needs. They come in over a dozen flavors for whatever you're craving, and we are major fans of the seasonal pumpkin spice variety. Snag one for $1.89 today!

Kind Protein Double Dark Chocolate Nut: 12g

KIND protein bars

KIND bars are a go-to travel snack for us-they're made with simple, nourishing ingredients for the energy burst we need now (without the crash later). Plus, they are a great fiber and healthy fat boost. This new protein-focused line from KIND is now at Trader Joe's, and these flavors sound amazing! And at only $1.89 per bar, we'll take 10, please.

Peanut Butter Protein Granola: 11g

Peanut Butter Protein Granola bars

You've been warned: this stuff is addicting. A two-thirds cup serving comes with a whopping 11g protein-how often do you see that on the back of a granola bag? Plus, it offers a nice 3g fiber boost and isn't too sweet, with eight grams of added sugar. You'll want to buy a bag ASAP for just $3.49.

Ready-to-Eat Shelled Edamame: 11g

bag of shelled edamame

Many people have strong feelings about soy, but we are huge advocates for soy in more natural forms as part of a heathy diet. This ready-to-eat edamame is not just a great high-protein option, but it's also high in fiber and iron for a truly well-rounded snack. We love adding just a little bit of seasoning for a more complex flavor, like in our Edamame with Aleppo Pepper recipe!

Natural Sweet & Spicy Buffalo Jerky: 11g

bag of buffalo jerky

Thanks to the popularity of high-protein, meat-centric diets, like keto and paleo, jerky seems to be all the rage these days. But this jerky is nothing like the gas station Slim Jims you grew up with! This all-natural buffalo jerky is seasoned to sweet-and-spicy perfection. A bag will set you back $6.99 for 3.5 ounces, but it's worth paying a little extra for some high-quality jerky.

Enjoy Life Protein Bites: 8g

Enjoy Life Protein Bites

If you or someone in your family has a food allergy, chances are you've heard of Enjoy Life. Their brand is focused on making products free from the top eight allergens, and they have all sorts of delicious snacks, baking ingredients and more. We are loving their adorable protein bites right now-especially the ones made with sunflower seed butter-which contain 8g protein, 2g fiber and 25 percent of your daily iron needs for just $1.29. Score!

Unsweetened Sunflower Seed Spread: 7g

unsweetened sunflower butter

Sometimes you've had a day and just need a big spoonful of nut butter, and we think Trader Joe's is the place to stock up. You'll find deals on all sorts of nut and seed butters like nowhere else. We love their Unsweetened Sunflower Seed Spread for snacks, smoothies, healthier baked goods and spooning straight from the jar! A jar of this delicious spread costs only $4.99.

Go Raw Trek Mix: 7g

bag of snack sized raw trail mix

Trail mix is like the O.G. healthy snack, and there are so many great options to choose from at Trader Joe's! We love their Go Raw Trek Mix as it is made with simple ingredients like dried fruit, nuts and seeds without all the sugary additions. This variety also packs 3g fiber and a hearty serving of unsaturated fat for just $6.49 per 10-serving bag.