L.L. Bean recently released a "S'more Swatch" to help you find your optimal marshmallow toastiness. From practically uncooked to totally burnt, where do you fall?
Delicious looking S'more on a wooden platter

You may remember the viral coffee and cream chart that came out earlier this spring, and now there's a new chart dividing the internet-L.L. Bean's S'more Swatch. This chart shows marshmallows roasted to five different levels-Warming Up, A Tad Toasty, The Golden Rule, Now It's Burnt, and Let's Try Again.

L.L. Bean S'more Chart showing different colors of cooked marshmallows

Our staff instantly had strong feelings about this chart-particularly when it came to the "Let's Try Again" color. Some of us are just big fans of a seriously charred marshmallow when making a s'more and don't think we need to "try again!"

We realized we all have our own view on what the "ideal" roasted marshmallow looks like, and it got us thinking-the way you like your marshmallow could actually say a lot about you. Here's what your favorite shade of marshmallow says:

Warming Up

You like to play it safe and stay in your comfort zone-whether you're ordering food at a restaurant or debating a big life decision. Chances are, you probably like your steak well-done, you put ketchup on everything and you've never *dared* to try the hot salsa at Chipotle. You like things the way you like them and don't apologize for it...and that's certainly a good thing! You're also a loyal friend-you probably have a small group in your "circle of trust," but you'd do anything for 'em!

A Tad Toasty

While you may also be a little risk-averse, you're very specific about what you like or dislike. You march to the beat of your own drum and are willing to work hard to get what you want, the way you want it-regardless of status quo. That being said, you're also *probably* a little bit of a diva when ordering at a restaurant-you'd rather create a custom dish than order off the menu! Just remember, those who don't think they are high-maintenance oftentimes are-but it doesn't make you any less lovable.

The Golden Rule

This perfectly golden brown 'mallow is only for the Type-A perfectionists. You have the drive and patience to achieve and reach your goals, even if you have to make some sacrifices along the way. Your house is always spotless, and you're never late to a meeting. You've probably come prepared to the s'mores party with your own package of wet wipes (marshmallows are sticky, after all!) Some people call you a goody two-shoes, but they're just jealous 'cause you always have it together.

Now It's Burnt

You're likely the kind of person who wishes they were Type A, but you're much more relaxed. You may attempt perfection, but you're not going to stress out or sacrifice your happiness to get there. You make lemonade out of lemons, and you'll definitely enjoy a delicious s'more-even if it's a tad burnt. You forge your own path when things don't go as planned, and people respect you for that.

Let's Try Again

One man's trash is another man's s'more! You've always been the daredevil of your friends-from how you spend your free time to what you eat. You always opt for the spiciest, sweetest and most intense flavors when dining out, and you aren't afraid of excess. While some may call themselves minimalists, you identify as more of a maximalist living to the fullest. You live in the present and are unafraid of any consequences your risk-taking may have.