Plus, a few weight loss tips from Bob Harper.

Photo: Getty / Andrew Toth

Bob Harper went on the TODAY Show to announce that The Biggest Loser will be returning next year to TV on the USA Network, and he'll be the host of the weight loss competition show.

Harper said the show will feature new trainers and an entirely new medical team. He also said it would be "bigger and better than ever."

This reboot comes on the heels of The Biggest Loser receiving criticism for "fat-shaming" and promoting unhealthy weight loss practices.

Harper said, "Whenever you talk about weight loss, it's always going to be controversial. But we want to approach it in a completely different way. We want to help them while they're on the show and when they go home."

USA and SyFy Networks President Chris McCumber told People earlier this summer, "We're re-imagining The Biggest Loser for today's audiences, providing a new holistic, 360-degree look at wellness, while retaining the franchise's competition format and legendary jaw-dropping moments," he said in the statement.

Bob Harper said that he's coming back with an entirely new perspective. After a severe heart attack that almost killed him two years ago, Harper says he can now better relate to the contestants on the show.

"I went from being this CrossFitter, working out so hard everyday, to not being able to walk around a city block without getting winded. I had to start back at square one," he said.

Harper also shared a few tips for people who may be trying to lose weight or get healthier.

Cut Yourself (and Others) Some Slack

Harpers three tips: "Don't be the food police, don't expect instant change and don't be mean." Now those are some tips we can get behind!

You Don't Need a Gym

Harper says bodyweight exercises-such as squats, lunges, burpees, and crunches-are an awesome way to get a workout without having to go to the gym. "At the end of the day if you're moving around and you're doing something you enjoy, I'm going to be all for it...I like the idea of getting any kind of cardio, at least 20 minutes a day to get your heart rate up and going."

Eat Balanced Meals

Harper is a big fan of eating protein, fat, and carbs at every single meal. He says, "The key is balance."

He shared what a day of his eating looks like:

For breakfast, Harper likes to make a sweet potato hash with egg whites and a whole egg. (Try our version: Spicy Sausage-Sweet Potato Hash)

For lunch, Harper says he eats asparagus and seared scallops. (Try our version: Tarragon Scallops on Asparagus Spears)

For dinner, Harper says he makes a stir-fry out of whatever vegetables he has in the house, and adds a protein. (Try our version: Broccoli, Mushroom & Beef Stir Fry)