Chanmé Rosé is a freezable, squeezable pouch that makes a perfect vehicle for enjoying this boozy summer treat.
Chanmé Rosé pouches

Photo: Courtesy of Chanmé Frosé

We don't know about you, but we typically flock to whatever local bar or restaurant is whipping up an icy batch of frosé in the summer. But we were thrilled to discover that we could drink our favorite boozy summer treat at home (or by the pool!), thanks to these fun and nostalgic frosé pouches!

Chanmé Frosé is a portable pouch of high-quality California rosé. All you have to do is freeze, squeeze, and enjoy at your leisure. And according to their website, this is the only pre-packaged frozen wine beverage that uses 100 percent real wine.

Each pouch contains 6.9 percent ABV-similar to a sweet or sparkling wine-and is sold in packs of four for under $20. You can purchase these packs online at frosé (naturally), and shipping is available in 35 states.

And if you live in the states where shipping isn't offered-including California, Connecticut, D.C., Florida, New Jersey, Nevada, New York or South Carolina-there's a chance you can find a box at your local wine or liquor store! Check out this store locator, here.

If you're participating in Plastic-Free July or working on eliminating extra waste, we have an option for you! These reusable Rosé Wine Pouches from Amazon will allow you to join in on the fun, without having to turn to single-use plastics. Best part? You can fill them with any icy cocktail you want.