The NYC-based Rosé Mansion touts the "greatest wine-themed playground on the planet."
Rosé Mansion interior with columns made of roses

Photo: James Coletta

Ever wanted to participate in rosé tastings, enjoy one-of-a-kind art, play in a disco ball pit, eat some killer tacos and learn about all things wine along the way? It sounds like a dream, right? Thankfully Tyler Balliet and Morgan First, founders of the popular Wine Riot events, have brought our millennial dreams to life with their amazingly over-the-top Rosé Mansion which opened in Manhattan on June 1.

If you check out Rosé Mansion's Instagram account, you'll know this place is the perfect playground for social media influencers, but Balliet says it's a great escape for anyone to be a kid for a few hours. He loves that adults can get away from their hectic lives to play, laugh and learn more about wine without blowing money on expensive classes or reading a 900-page book-and OK, OK, maybe take a few pictures along the way.

The Rosé Mansion is a 14-room experience built to educate visitors on the history, science and flavors of rosé wine. There is an "Acid Trip" room full of psychedelic artwork teaching visitors about the acidity of wine and a "Cleopatra" room with a tasting of the iconic Ancient Egyptian ruler's favorite wine-a fizzy rosé introduced to her by pal Julius Caesar!

Balliet says he fell in love with wine after college when he picked up a few delivery shifts at the wine shop across the street from his home in Boston. From there, Balliet started writing about wine and has since traveled all over the world tasting exotic varieties, educating consumers and meeting wine producers-whom he found refreshingly down-to-earth. His event-planning and wine education background eventually led him and First to dream up a one-stop shop for learning about wine without the snobbery and having lots of fun along the way-and thus the Rosé Mansion was born.

All that learning may work up your appetite for food (and more rosé), so there are two stylish rosé bars serving 120 different varieties hand-selected by Balliet, along with delicious food offerings from TacoDumbo, which you can enjoy from a private cabana.

Tickets for the Rosé Mansion are $45 on evenings and weekends, with a happy hour deal from 2-5 p.m. on weekdays for $35. A ticket includes entry to the 14-room experience, the Roséland playground, a wine glass, tasting of eight wines and a few extra surprises along the way. Balliet says the mansion is currently slated to be open through September but has plans to make it a permanent landmark in the Big Apple. Bring some friends to celebrate a summer birthday or win brownie points with your co-workers by hosting a team bonding event in their event space!