We Tried All the Spindrift Flavors and Here Are Our Favorites

TBH, they're all good. But if we had to play favorites, here's what we would choose.

spindrift line of assorted flavors

If you haven't tried Spindrift and you like sparkling water you need to go buy some. It's made with real fruit juice and carbonated water-that's it. And unlike flavored seltzers that have just a twinge of lime or lemon flavor, the juice adds color, and a touch of natural sweetness that puts Spindrift a step above the rest. Now that they have 10 flavors though, we decided to pit them head-to-head to see which cans reigned supreme. I corralled a team of editors and we got to drinking. Truthfully, I love them all (superfan over here) and would be happy with any. But here are the group's favorites and least favorites of the day.

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spindrift grapefruit on pink background

Image: Spindrift

This was a tie for first place. The color is a gorgeous millenial pink. It's definitely worth pouring out of the can and sipping in a glass. The grapefruit flavor is spot on-just like if you juiced a grapefruit yourself and mixed it with sparkling water. One taster noted it probably wasn't a ruby red grapefruit and one thought it was a little bitter (which grapefruits tend to be). Most of us loved it and were brainstorming cocktail ideas: mojito, Aperol spritz, margarita and more.


cucumber spindrift on green background

Image: Spindrift

Cucumber ties for first place (and is only listed second because I'm one of the two tasters who doesn't love cucumber in my beverage). Some notes: "This is my favorite for cocktails;" "Very, very cucumber-y;" and "Love it on road trips." It tastes exactly like sparkling spa water and would be delicious in a glass with extra cucumber slices and maybe a squeeze of lemon and some mint.

Half & Half (Half Tea & Half Lemon)

spindrift half and half on brown background

Image: Spindrift

A bubbly Arnold Palmer that isn't sweet. This flavor is refreshing, surprising and satisfying. It really tastes like a drink in its own right, not one that was "watered down" with sparkling water. Despite not being sweet, it's not bitter. We'll be buying a case to have on hand for hot summer days.


blackberry spindrift on purple background

Image: Spindrift

Coming in a strong fourth place is juicy blackberry. The color is a beautiful purple and there's a hint of wine coming through in the flavor (although, like all Spindrift this is nonalcoholic). What we love so much about blackberry is that you probably wouldn't muddle blackberries up yourself to mix with sparkling water so it's very unique.


Spindrift Strawberry on pink background

Image: Spindrift

Another unique flavor find, strawberry was one tasters ultimate favorite but fell closer to the middle of the pack for the rest of us. It tastes jammy (like if you put strawberry jam in a glass and only partially cleaned it out before topping with water). Some tasters felt like the strawberry wasn't quite as strong as they wanted it to be.

Cranberry Raspberry

Spindrift Cranberry Raspberry on raspberry background

Image: Spindrift

This flavor smells like cranberry juice and tastes like if you bought cranberry-raspberry juice and mixed it with sparkling water at home (aka what you see is what you get). Would be great for the holidays as a mocktail or cocktail mixer.

Raspberry Lime

Spindrift Raspberry Lime on pink background

Image: Spindrift

This is a good looking flavor with a bright pink color that sparkles. The lime helps brighten up the tart raspberry.


Spindrift Lime on green background

Image: Spindrift

This flavor-no surprises here-tastes like you squeezed a lime right into some sparkling water. Some people were not fans and felt the lime was either too strong or not strong enough. Personally, I like to suck on lime wedges so I'm a huge fan of this flavor.


Spindrift Lemon on blue background

Image: Spindrift

This one is thirst quenching like lemonade without the sweetness. It reminded us of the pre-squeezed lemon juice you buy versus squeezing a fresh lemon into your drink. Like most of the flavors, would be delicious in cocktails or mocktails.

Orange Mango

Spindrift Orange Mango on orange background

Image: Spindrift

This flavor may be at the bottom of the list but it's still good. We just wanted it to be a bit more juicy. The mango flavor came on stronger than the orange here. We'd still enjoy it at breakfast (it makes a great non-alcoholic sub for mimosas) but, we were left wanting just a bit more juice here.

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