Because millennials seem to get blamed for everything, why not add a loss in lunch breaks to the list?

Millennials get hit with a whole lot of criticism: they can be lazy, too opinionated and take too many "selfies." However, now it turns out they may be perfectionist and hard-working and that's also a bad thing. (Yes, being too dedicated at work can have a negative spin.)

According to a new survey by Tork, which is a maker of napkins in the food service industry, millennials don't feel they can take a lunch break anymore, compared to their other co-workers. The survey found that 37 percent of millennial workers don't stop to take a lunch break in the day, but just keep powering through whatever's on their desks. And that's pretty important, as millennials as a generation make up a huge chunk of the workforce.

To be fair, millennials shouldn't be skipping lunch, as one) it's a much-needed break in the day and two) it provides nutrients to make them even more productive later in the afternoon (and to avoid those hangry spells). Yet, perhaps because millennials face a lot of scrutiny, they feel more pressure to not be seen as slacking off and instead remain at their desks to impress their bosses and co-workers.

"We understand that today's employees - especially Millennials - often find it difficult to take a lunch break due to workplace demands and even a perceived stigma around leaving the office for lunch," said Don Lewis, the president of professional hygiene at Essity, Tork's parent company, in a news release. However, it's time for millennials to ditch the negative thinking and take their damn lunch breaks, which they for sure want.

In fact, Joy Bauer, nutrition and health expert for NBC's Today show, shared her opinions on the need for lunch breaks at work, in a press release about the survey. Bauer mentions some of the benefits of a lunch break are a happier mood, more alertness and energy, and a lower chance of burn out down the road.

So, it makes sense that millennials should really be getting up off that office chair and grabbing a healthy lunch. (FYI that doesn't mean running out for a cheeseburger and fries every day.) Stick to salads, hearty sandwiches, grain bowls and aim to have your midday meal be a mix of whole-grain carbs, lean proteins and good fats.

Looking to streamline your break? Packing lunch from home can save you time on your lunch hour. No waiting on line or going out to pick up an order. Lunch you make yourself also tends to be healthier and cheaper-a win-win for budget-conscious millennials.