We go beyond home decor and snag healthy foods at great prices.

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Who doesn't love a good Target haul?! And it's even better when you can add to your safety net of healthy freezer meals or try a new-to-you product. Perhaps the best part is that the "Expect more. Pay less." tagline absolutely applies to the grocery aisles, too.

Turns out, nutritionists are just like you-or is it that you're just like us? Regardless, here's what always lands in our Target carts.

Applegate Organics Oven Roasted Turkey Breast

Applegate Organic Turkey Breast from Target
Photo: Target

I've been a huge fan of this brand's products and their humanely raised mission for years. I find their deli slices to be priced the best at Target more often than at any other grocery store-and the sale price at Target is always the best. These slices, rolled up solo or sometimes with cheese or fruit, make for a quick, easy and satisfying snack for me and a solid lunch base for my young daughters.

Lärabar Fruits + Greens Bars

Box of Larabars
Photo: Target

This is one of the newer products from this popular snack company. Lärabar continues to stay true to their roots and doesn't add isolated proteins or extra fiber to their bars. "I like the Fruit + Greens before a workout because they are lower in calories than a typical Lärabar, contain no added sugars (unlike other bars) and check my three boxes for satiety-protein, fat and fiber," says Katie Andrews, M.S., RD, of Wellness by Katie. Andrews says she stocks up on these at Target because they're always less expensive there, compared to most other stores she shops.

Archer Farms Broccoli Slaw

Archer Farms Broccoli Slaw
Photo: Target

This is a great canvas for a side dish-eat it cold or simply sauté it. "It's made up of fiber-rich broccoli, carrots and red cabbage. I love making a quick slaw by tossing the mixture with a homemade or store-bought vinaigrette, feta cheese and sunflower seeds," says Holley Grainger, M.S., RD, of Cleverful Living with Holley Grainger. "Or use it to top a taco or BBQ-flavored meat sandwich for a simple, quick way to add more veggies to your meal."

Good Food Made Simple Sriracha Scramble Breakfast Burrito

Good Food Made Simple Sriracha Scramble packaged burrito
Photo: Target

Not only can this breakfast burrito be eaten on-the-go, but it's low in saturated fat and high in protein and fiber. "Breakfast doesn't work for me unless there is a spicy sauce involved-and these Sriracha breakfast burritos hit the spot. The egg whites give me protein, and the sweet potatoes and black beans add fiber, so these burritos easily keep me full until lunch," says Andrews.

Archer Farms Maple Syrup

Archer Farms Pure Maple Syrup
Photo: Target

OK, you might not expect this from a dietitian nutritionist, but-spoiler!-we do eat sugar, as do our children. My girls' go-to for everything from pancakes and waffles to plain yogurt to homemade lemonade is maple syrup (both of them, after all, were born in Vermont!). It's a pricey choice, which is why I like to stock up at Target as often as possible. The prices are good, the quality is top-notch, and I love the fact that it comes in a kid-safe plastic jug.

Kellogg's Eggo Nutri-Grain Frozen Waffles

Eggo Nutri-Grain Waffles box
Photo: Target

An upgrade from the all refined-grain options (thanks to wheat flour and wheat bran), these frozen waffles are "better than some other options," says Grainger. "Plus, my girls don't like the ones at the store where I usually buy my staples."

Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac + Cheese

Kidfresh Mac-n-Cheese box
Photo: Target

I'm not the only mom who likes to lean on Kidfresh for a quick, easy, healthy kid meal. Andrews dishes on why this particular product is among her go-tos: "Though I'm not a big fan of 'hiding' vegetables in kids' foods, I Iove that unlike most of the other frozen macaroni and cheese options, the Kidfresh Wagon Wheels contain pureed carrots (and therefore a healthy dose of vitamin A). I also like that you can see the real grated cheese."

Archer Farms Granny Smith Apples

Archer Farms Granny Smith Apples bag
Photo: Target

A bag of these is the perfect size for my kids for a week-and I've been known to sneak an apple or two for myself. They love them refrigerated and then sliced at any meal, or for snack. I like the Archer Farms brand because I've found them to be consistently at their peak ripeness, and they're the perfect medium size for little hands to eat whole.

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