TJ's new canned Cold Brew Coconut Cream Lattes are in stores now.
Trader Joe's cold brew - Coconut Cream Latte canned coffee drink

Another day, another love letter to Trader Joe's. I love my job. But today's love letter is extra exciting for a vegan latte fiend like myself, because TJ's has just debuted a line of canned Coconut Cold Brew Lattes!

These dairy-free caffeinated drinks come in Original and Caramel Spice varieties, and only set you back $1.99 per nine-ounce can. That's about half the price of a tall Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte from Starbucks! Think of all the other Trader Joe's products we could buy with those monthly savings…

These babies are a bit high in saturated fat, since they're made with coconut cream-the richest, creamiest part of coconut milk. So if you're in the mood for one of these luxe coffee drinks, you might want to watch your sat fat intake for the rest of the day. However, these drinks are lower in sugar than the tall Starbucks Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk latte, saving you five grams.

The Original flavor has 110 calories, 8g fat, 7g saturated fat, and 9g sugar. The Caramel Spice has the same nutritional profile, except for one extra gram of sugar. I just know the latter will be perfect in September when I'm just itching for fall to start but it's still too warm to start sipping hot coffee just yet.

These lattes are perfect for summer road trips, since the easy-to-transport cans prevent spillage. Plus, thanks to the coconut milk, they're shelf-stable. Once again, Trader Joe's to the rescue!