The chef called Bonnie Kimball "a hero."

Mike Pomranz
Photo of chef José Andrés

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Welcome to this week's edition of "the world would be a better place if we were all more like José Andrés." Needless to say, the quality of global cuisine would be significantly improved if we all had the celebrity chef's cooking sensibilities (both with food and beverage). But as you're probably aware, his non-profit World Central Kitchen repeatedly proves that what happens in the kitchen is only a small part of his contributions to society: Andrés and his team have fed Puerto Rico, furloughed federal workers, migrants in Mexico, the list goes on and on…

Over the weekend, Andrés took to Twitter to unleash his latest good deed: offering work to a woman who was fired for having the audacity to feed a high school student.

Back in March, Bonnie Kimball was fired from her job as a cafeteria worker at Mascoma Valley Regional High School in New Hampshire after giving a student a free lunch when they didn't have enough money in their account. According to the Associated Press, she was terminated even though the bill was paid the very next day. The school has since doubled back on the firing, saying it violated their policy and offering Kimball her job back – but as you might expect, she decided these were people she might not want to work for again.

But if Kimball is still looking for work, Andrés has offered to be a more benevolent boss. After the chef picked up on Kimball's story which has continued to make headlines, he tweeted, "The hero is Bonnie Kimball! If she needs a job we have openings at @thinkfoodgroup if you know her, let her know!" According to the Boston Herald, Andrés even called Kimball on Saturday to present the offer more personally – though as of yesterday, there was no indication as to whether she would accept or not. (It's also not clear where the job would be located: New Hampshire isn't near any of Think Food Group's markets.)

Still, it's safe to assume that Andrés job offer was more than just an empty gesture. One more trait the chef has that we can all aspire to: when he says he's going to do something, he does it.

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