Starbucks Just Released Their New Menu for Summer—Here's How the New Drinks Stack Up

A nutritionist takes on the latest Starbucks offerings, including the S'mores Frappuccino and Dragon Drink.

starbucks dragon drink

Photo: Starbucks

Starbucks' new summer menu just launched, and they've brought back some favorites and included a few new foods and drinks to enjoy.

Anything you order at Starbucks can fit into an overall healthy diet (sugary, whipped cream-topped Frappuccinos included) but we wanted to take a closer look at the nutritionals on some of the new seasonal food and drinks to help arm you with information. Some drinks actually surprised us in a good way (that pretty pink drink is only 100 calories) and some still deliver much more sugar than we were anticipating to get in our cup. Check out all the new seasonal items at Starbucks and learn more about the nutrition information for the Dragon Drink, S'mores Frappuccino and Baja Black Bean Veggie Wrap below.

Dragon Drink

Pictured above, this pink drink is certainly ready for its Instagram debut. I'm tempted to order it for my next Game of Thrones viewing for the name alone (#dragonlove). It's a combination of the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher and coconut milk, along with freeze-dried dragon fruit.

A tall Dragon Drink clocks in at:

  • 100 calories
  • 18 g sugar
  • 20 g carbohydrate
  • 1 g protein
  • 2.5 g total fat
  • 2 g saturated fat
  • ~35-45 mg caffeine

The drink is lower in sugar than many other options at Starbucks, and some of the sugar is coming from white grape juice in the Refresher drink base. There is also some rebaudioside A (aka stevia) in the drink, which helps it taste sweet without adding sugar. And remember, these numbers are for a Tall drink (12 fl. oz.). Order a bigger size and you'll get more calories and sugar.

starbucks smores frapp
Photo: Starbucks.

S'mores Frappuccino

The S'mores Frappuccino is a returning customer favorite and comes with chocolate sauce, marshmallowy whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble to boot.

A Tall S'mores Frappuccino made with 2 percent milk clocks in at:

  • 310 calories
  • 43 g sugar
  • 46 g carbohydrate
  • 3 g protein
  • 13 g total fat
  • 8 g saturated fat
  • ~50 mg caffeine

Some sugar in this drink comes from the milk but most of it is coming from added sugar. There are almost 11 teaspoons of sugar in the drink (and that's for a Tall). The recommendation from the American Heart Association is to cap added sugars at 6 teaspoons (24 g) daily for women and 9 teaspoons (36 g) daily for men. To put this into perspective, our Banana Chocolate S'mores made with chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow and banana has about 250 calories and 23 grams of sugar (20 grams less sugar, plus some of that is from the banana).

starbucks black bean wrap
Photo: Starbucks.

Baja Black Bean Veggie Wrap

This wrap is an exciting vegetarian option for Starbucks fans. It's not vegan because it contains a jalapeño cream cheese spread. The wrap is made with black beans, quinoa slaw and veggies and claims to have more than a half cup of vegetables (a serving of most vegetables is technically 1 cup, but 1/2 cup in a wrap is pretty impressive!). The picture seems misleading because the ingredients on the website do not include a side of apples and carrots with ranch.

The Baja Black Bean Veggie Wrap clocks in with:

  • 570 calories
  • 22 g fat
  • 11 g saturated fat
  • 1,300 mg sodium
  • 73 g carbohydrate
  • 7 g fiber
  • 5 g sugar
  • 21 g protein

The good? 7 g of heart-healthy fiber and 21 g of vegetarian protein. The less good? 1,300 mg of sodium, more than half a day's worth. It's also relatively high in carbohydrate at 73 g. It should be a filling meal because of the protein, fat and fiber (which make it take longer to digest) as well as the hearty calorie count.

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