You know you've committed more than one of these heinous kitchen crimes.

Whether they're crimes you secretly commit when you think no one is looking, acts you witnessed others committing, or well-known bad habits you don't intend on breaking anytime soon (despite requests from family members or roommates)-we bet you've done at least one, if not all of these things.

Kitchen Crimes You're Definitely Guilty of Committing

A dirty dish soaking in the sink

Image: Getty / Don Mason

You know you've done at least one of these things ...

1. Left a dish to "soak" in the sink knowing very well soaking wasn't necessary, just so someone else would clean it.

2. Instead of scooping out the gunk in the sink, you pushed it through the drain holes.

3. Dropped a piece of food that then rolled under the stove or fridge-and left it there.

4. Stolen someone else's leftovers.

5. Put a bottle of wine in the freezer to chill and totally forgot about it (... and still drank it anyway once it thawed).

6. Tried to strain pasta water using just the pot lid and dumped the entire pot of pasta into the sink (and then scooped it back into the pot to be eaten).

7. Left four drops of milk in the container and put it back in the fridge.

Food dropped on the floor

Image: Getty / Adam Gault

8. Dropped food on the floor and ate it anyway.

9. Made homemade stock and accidentally strained it into the sink without a bowl underneath.

10. Cut things directly on the counter without a chopping board.

11. Drank milk straight from the carton.

12. Used soap to clean your cast iron (here's how you should actually be cleaning your cast iron).

13. Put metal in the microwave. A fork, a piece of tin foil, a metal-edged plate ... we all know what happens next: ?

Bacon and grease cooking in a pan

Image: Getty / Jennifer Henriksen / EyeEm

14. Poured bacon grease down the drain.

15. Let meat thaw on the counter rather than in the fridge (If this is you, read this: The Ultimate Guide to Prevent Food Poisoning).

16. Used a metal utensil on a nonstick pan.

17. Ran out of dishwasher detergent and used dish soap instead, creating a bubbly mess.

18. Put your chef's knife through the dishwasher.

19. Frozen leftovers knowing you'll probably just throw it away down the road (but feel bad about wasting it now).

20. Combined different cereals together once the boxes started to get low to save on space. (Oh, wait ... so you didn't also experience pouring yourself a bowl of what you thought was Froot Loops as a kid and instead got a combination of Froot Loops mixed with Raisin Bran? Hmm, I guess that was just my Mom.)