BBQ pro Judith Fertig shares the best grilling tools for all your cookout needs.
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We asked Kansas City BBQ queen Judith Fertig (she's an award-winning cookbook author who's co-authored eight barbecue books) to share her favorite grilling tools. Here are her picks for everything you need to grill meat, fish and veggies-without burning your food or yourself!

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1. Perforated grill rack

perforated grill racks set

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Charcoal Companion's Porcelain-Coated Grilling Grid with nonstick porcelain coating is perfect for grilling delicate veggies and fish fillets that tend to fall through the grates or get stuck. ($21 set of two,

2. Silicone brush

basting brush

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Weber's Silicone Basting Brush can withstand heat and is dishwasher-friendly, making it Fertig's fave. Use it to spread sauces on meat, fish and vegetables while they're on the grill. ($10.99,

3. Grill basket

grill basket

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"I prefer a hinged grill basket with a handle because it lets me sizzle garden goodies on both sides with just one turn of the wrist," Fertig says. Look for grill baskets with thick and rounded wires to resist sticking to food, unlike finer-wired baskets. Those work well for vegetables, shrimp and even a whole fish. ($18.99,

4. Grilling Gloves

BBQ Gloves

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"Don't even think about using those quilted oven mitts outdoors!" Fertig warns. When working with open flames, protection is important for the underside of your arm as well as your hand. Elbow-length heat-resistant grill gloves do the trick-like these Steven Raichlen Extra-Long Suede Grill Gloves-plus, they look pretty badass. ($20,

5. Long Tongs

extra-long grilling tongs

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For turning slippery vegetables–and keeping hands away from the flame while flipping-long, grippy tongs are key. Fertig likes the GrillPro 20-Inch Professional Extra-Long Tong for its perfect length and rubberized handles. ($16, If you need longer tongs, you can try Outset's 22-inch tongs. ($16

6. Grill Brush

rondo grilling brush

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Fertig loves the Rondo Grill Brush ($24, for cleaning grates. It's three times wider than standard brushes to get the job done quicker and easier. It's also made with braided wires which are less likely to break off than other brush wires. But for a simpler brush, the Weber 21 in. Three-Sided Grill Brush is highly rated and one of Home Depot's best sellers. ($12.99,

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