Whether you want a traditional Easter dinner menu or you're accommodating special diets, we have your game plan for a healthy, delicious—and stress-free—holiday meal.
Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

Pictured recipe: Deviled Eggs 3 Ways

Hosting a holiday meal is fun but can also be pretty stressful, what with the cleaning, cooking, decorating and potential for family drama. While we can't come over this Easter and hide eggs for you (or stop your uncle from making off-color remarks), we can help you make sure the food is great and that menu planning is a breeze.

Whether you want a traditional feast with ham and all the fixings, a vegan meal or a gluten-free feast, one of our six healthy Easter dinner menus is sure to fit the bill. Use a full menu or simply take inspiration for a few courses and slot in your own favorite healthy Easter recipes.

Traditional Easter Dinner Menu

Marmalade-Horseradish-Rosemary Glazed Ham Recipe

For our healthier take on the traditional Easter menu, we've paired rich mainstays like ham and scalloped potatoes with lightened-up sides, including simple lemon asparagus and maple-roasted carrots. For dessert, a classic coconut bunny cake gets a new angle-the rear end!

Vegetarian Easter Dinner Menu

Asparagus Goat Cheese Souffles Recipe

A vegetarian Easter menu doesn't have to be just a bunch of sides (not that there's anything wrong with sides). This Easter, serve your vegetarian guests a show-stopping soufflé featuring in-season asparagus. Spring ingredients, including artichokes, spinach, radishes and greens, are the stars of this whole menu, which would be great for any spring party.

Vegan Easter Dinner Menu

Vegan Carrot Cake with Coconut Cream Frosting Recipe

Start your vegan Easter party with cocktails (or mocktails) and nibbles, including curried cashews, mushroom pâté and a party board with creamy lemon-cashew dip. Then sit down to tomato-artichoke gnocchi and top it all off with a dreamy vegan carrot cake. We're willing to bet nobody will miss the dairy in this moist cake topped with coconut cream!

Low-Carb Easter Dinner Menu

Asparagus Salad with Eggs

The centerpiece of our low-carb Easter menu is roast leg of lamb, but the vegetable dishes-including the asparagus starter and vibrant salt-and-vinegar roasted radishes-are the true stunners. In fact, the asparagus with cured ham and eggs is so impressive-looking, you could skip the main altogether and make it the centerpiece. If you want something sweet on your menu, finish with lemon cheesecake bites-or stick with a simple selection of cheeses for a savory capper.

Gluten-Free Easter Dinner Menu

Point Reyes Toma Frico with Pea Puree Recipe

For our gluten-free Easter menu, we've paired ham with appetizers, sides and desserts that are bursting with spring ingredients, including peas, asparagus, new potatoes and strawberries. The frico is basically a cracker made from cheese, and you can top it with just about anything you'd put on a regular cracker (or eat it straight up). If you're not feeling ham, this menu would be just as good with chicken, lamb or a vegetarian entree.

Diabetes-Friendly Easter Dinner Menu

Spinach & Strawberry Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Our diabetes-friendly Easter menu stars dishes that are as pretty as they are tasty-and full of in-season ingredients-from the salad with strawberries to the impressive blueberry lemon curd cake for dessert. Buy plenty of spinach and use it for the salad and a simple side of wilted spinach.

Total carbohydrates: 61 grams

No matter which of these menus you choose-or if you choose to mix and match-you're bound to impress your Easter guests with your springtime party spread.