The next time you start feeling hangry, reach for this kit and stomp your cravings with one of these satisfying snacks.
emergency snack kit

That frustration aimed at your colleague after you worked through your lunch hour? The road rage you felt when you got stuck in traffic past dinner­time? You know too well what getting hangry feels like. Don't get caught empty-­handed with an empty stomach: pack an "always-with-you" kit full of satisfying, shelf-stable snacks to keep in your car, bag or office drawer. Start with an empty lunch box or zip-close bag to keep everything together. Then, fill it with something from each of these snack categories that will crush any craving you come across.

1. Crunchy Snack

For those times when the afternoon munchies hit and you just need something to crunch on. Try whole-grain pretzels or crackers, veggie chips or popcorn. We love Ak-Mak Sesame Crackers These crisp, filling crackers have the perfect amount of olive oil, honey and sesame seed crunch to banish all blandness. Plus they have 3 grams of fiber, and only 220 mg of sodium.

2. High-Protein Snack

Choosing a snack packed with protein will keep you fuller longer. For shelf-stable options that will stay fresh in your pack, reach for protein bars, roasted nuts or packets of nut butter. We love Kind Protein Bars for their simple ingredient list, chewy-crunchiness, 12 grams of filling protein and tasty combos like White Chocolate Cinnamon Almond and Toasted Caramel Nut. At 250 calories each and 5 grams fiber, they're a snack with substance. And they're darn delicious.

3. Salty Snack

When a salty craving hits, it's easy to go for potato chips. Try something with a little more fiber and protein to stay full longer, like crispy roasted chickpeas, roasted seeds or packs of marinated olives. We love: Crunchsters Sprouted Protein Snacks, they're made from the same protein-rich mung beans often sold as sprouts in tasty flavors like Smoky Balsamic and Beyond Bacon. Plus, they deliver 7 grams of protein with less than 200 mg sodium.

4. Hearty Snack

For a seriously satisfying snack that's shelf stable too, try jerky. And it doesn't have to be meaty, we love: Primal Strips Vegan Jerky. This plant-based version is just as satisfying, and kinder to the planet. Primal's, seitan, soy and/or mushrooms options deliver great umami flavor and appealing chew.

5. Sweet Snack

Don't deny your sweet tooth, meet it with an antioxidant-packed snack, like dark chocolate or dried fruit, instead for some sweet benefits. We love: Made in Nature Dried Fruit. The organic bananas, mangoes and tart golden­berries (ground cherries) have nothing added. (The one exception: dried cranberries, which are sweetened with organic apple juice.)