It's not naturally dyed either—the chocolate itself is pink!
ruby cacao wafers

Photo: Trader Joe's

I know what I want for Valentine's Day. Pink chocolate!

In addition to dark, milk and white, did you know there's also ruby chocolate? It was unveiled in 2017 by Barry Callebaut and was the first new chocolate discovery in 80 years. Touted as a totally "new chocolate taste and color experience," ruby chocolate comes from a ruby cocoa bean. This millennial pink wonder came to the U.S. late last year, and now that TJ's is carrying it, expect to see it a lot more.

Trader Joe's Ruby Cacao Wafers dropped just in time for Valentine's Day (pink-chocolate-dipped strawberries, anyone?). The flavor is described as a bit fruity with berry notes, and we can't wait to get our hands on a bag of these pink chocolate-chip-like pieces to try for ourselves.

According to Trader Joe's, they've partnered with a Belgian supplier for these ruby gems-and they're only available for a limited time. A 5-oz. package retails for just $2.99.

As far as ingredients and nutrition goes they're actually lower in calories and sugar compared to semisweet chocolate chips. There's 210 calories per 1/4 cup of chips (semisweet chocolate chips have 280). The ruby wafers have 20 grams of sugar, semisweet chips have 32 grams of sugar-that's a 1-tablespoon difference.

Not only are they slightly healthier and perfect for Valentine's Day, they would definitely wow at a kid's party or Mother's Day brunch. Think of the all the cute millennial-pink treats you could make with just a drizzle of melted ruby cacao. Try pink chocolate in any of these chocolate-covered fruit recipes to take them to the next level.