Here's what he wants you to say on repeat, and what we think about it.
bob harper speaking

Photo: Andrew Toth/ Getty Images

Truth be told, I love Bob Harper. We did a Facebook Live together last year and he seemed to be genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met. Not to mention, he creates killer workout plans and rightfully told people not to fear carbs-just to eat the right kind. Even though he was in insanely good shape, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack and switched up his diet to eat a heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. He has passionately helped people lead healthier lives for years.

So, when he speaks on health, people listen. And his latest Instagram post has his new healthy mantra for 2019 that he wants you to adopt.

He opens up by wishing everyone a Happy New Year (told you he's nice), waxes poetic about his new coffee mug and goes on to say that he wants you to tell yourself when you're feeling hungry, "I'm not hungry, I'm thirsty."

He says drinking more water is a great way to manage your hunger and get yourself back on track if you ate too much over the holidays.

What We Like About His Mantra

Many of us could stand to drink more water. It's a great healthy habit and something positive to focus on (rather than eliminating food groups or taking something away). Drinking water before a meal may help you eat less and lose weight.

Even if you don't feel thirsty all the time, you still may be a little dehydrated. According to the National Academy of Medicine, women should get about 91 ounces of fluids each day; men, about 125 ounces. Since about one-fifth of that typically comes from food, aim for 9 to 12 cups of fluids. Water is a free way to hit your hydration goals (it's calorie-free and also doesn't cost anything).

Drinking water may also help banish that bloated feeling you get. Your body needs to be hydrated to help digest food, flush out excess sodium-and, if you're constipated, help you go to the bathroom.

Not to mention water helps your skin maintain elasticity (aka look good) and helps other organs perform properly.

What We Don't Love

I'm all for staying hydrated, but sometimes when you're hungry-it's because you're really hungry. By all means, drink more water this year, but rather than telling yourself "I'm not hungry, I'm thirsty," maybe you should ask yourself if you really are hungry.

If you find yourself hungry between meals, you may not be eating enough at meals or you may not be eating the right kinds of food. Fat, fiber and protein are all excellent at keeping you full because they take longer to digest (learn more about the Best & Worst Foods to Satisfy Your Hunger).

Bottom Line

Drink more water, but also listen to your body and fuel it smartly. Last year, when I interviewed Bob he also talked about the importance of stress management for your health, eating healthy carbs (think whole grains, fruit and beans), appreciating the small things and not overwhelming yourself but choosing one small thing to change at a time. Those are all sound mantras we can get behind, in addition to trying to drink more water this year.