Join our challenge to get daily tips to help you and your family get healthier this month.

This year, get healthy as a family. Rather than set unachievable goals, try these small daily challenges to help everyone eat a little healthier, move more and de-stress together. Nothing major here, but add up these small changes over 30 days and hopefully you and your family can look back and say you were a little more active, ate a few more vegetables and enjoyed some meals together. 

A mother and daughter making making a smoothie
Credit: Getty Images / django

If 30 days of activities feels like too much, pick and choose what you and your family want to focus on this month. Maybe it's just one thing a week. Even just choosing to focus on one or two healthy activities for the whole month is a step in the right direction. Feel free to tweak the activities to fit your family's schedule and likes/dislikes. 

30-day healthy family challenge calendar

We've included a downloadable calendar and checklist to make it fun for the kids to follow along. Print it out and stick it on your fridge. Turn it into a game by letting the kids add a sticker or check mark to completed items. Kids need an incentive? Consider a small reward like a fun pen or stickers for every five items completed. 

The goal is to have fun, get a little healthier and spend some time together as a family. Let's get started!