Entertain with ease using our no-fail formula for festive appetizer boards.

Pioneering your perfect party platter shouldn't be stressful or hard to pull off. Which is why we've created a convenient framework to help you curate the ultimate appetizer board that strikes the perfect balance of textures and flavors. Following our formula will ensure that each board offers a little something for everyone, giving partygoers the option of mixing and matching as they see fit. Whatever your entertaining needs are this season, these balanced boards will feed your guests with ease and elegance. We've even sprinkled in some make-ahead tips to lighten your workload the day of, and make you look like the true appetizer hero that you are. Here's the no-fail formula.

Step 1: Start with a spreadable centerpiece

preparing hummus for mediterranean board

Dips and spreads create an inviting central focal point and help anchor a tray of complementary accoutrements. Creamy dips like hummus are ideal for dipping crudités, whereas chunkier vegetable- or fruit-based dips like guacamole may call for sturdier scoopers.

Step 2: Choose two different dippers

hummus and crackers mediterranean appetizer

Include one or two raw and fibrous dippers, such as sliced carrots, fennel, cucumber, radishes, mini bell peppers or snap peas.

Add baked and crunchy dippers, such as crackers, toasted pita chips, crostini or tortilla chips to create the perfect portable bite.

Step 3: Add something creamy, rich or cured

rolling meat for mediterranean appetizer board

These are the more satiating components that satisfy in small quantities. A curated selection of cured meats like salami, pepperoni or a few slices of pricier prosciutto can add heft without filling guests up too much.

In terms of cheeses, you can't go wrong with a crowd-pleasing semi-hard cheese like sharp Cheddar or Colby Jack. A creamier, spreadable variety like goat cheese, feta or Brie offers variety and luscious mouthfeel. For the non-meat or -cheese eaters, embellishing the board with soft- or hard-boiled eggs or a scattering of mixed nuts can help it feel more complete.

Step 4: Include something pickled and piquant

grapes, artichokes, carrots and hummus

Bright, acidic and crunchy components will help perk up the board and cut through the creamy, rich elements. Hit the olive bar for a hodgepodge of briny offerings, or empty a jar of marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers or sour gherkins into a small ramekin.

A jar of tangy red pepper relish, olive tapenade or whole-grain mustard will also pull in some sharp notes and add dimension.

Step 5: Finish with floral or sweet elements

mediterranean appetizer spread with hummus, grapes, crackers, carrots, and apricots

An assortment of fresh or dried fruits will offer a sweet counterpart to the salty and savory bites, and act as a foil to the rich meats and cheeses. Try crisp apple or pear slices, dried apricots, juicy grapes, sticky-sweet dates, jam or preserves, or an offering of floral honey to drizzle over cheese-adorned crackers. A smattering of fresh herbs is also a pro move to fill in gaps and add visual appeal.

Need Inspiration? Build These Boards

Follow our formula to curate your own party board, or re-create one of our themed boards.

vegan party appetizer board

A dairy-free dip sets the tone for an array of fruit and vegetable dippers. Rainbow carrots and crisp pear slices offer refreshing crunch and visual appeal, while an assortment of seeded crackers and mini toasts are blank canvases for spreads and jams. Mixed nuts up the ante of satiating heart-healthy fats, and blackberries and grapes lend a fresh and fruity finish.

Spreadable centerpiece: Vegan Lemon-Dill Cashew Dip or store-bought vegan dip

Dippers: Rainbow carrots, whole-grain crackers, mini whole-grain baguette

Creamy, rich or cured: Roasted nuts or trail mix

Pickled or piquant: Red-pepper jelly

Floral or sweet: Berries, grapes, pears, apples

Garnish: Fresh dill

fiesta appetizer board

A jazzed-up guacamole takes center stage on this low-fuss, festive board. A jumble of miniature bell peppers and tortilla chips serve as the sturdy scoopers, with slices of Colby Jack cheese as their creamy counterpart. Roasted red peppers offer tangy sweetness, which is complemented by cherry tomatoes and chunks of mango.

Spreadable centerpiece:  Zesty Avocado Black-Bean Dip or store-bought guacamole mixed with fire-roasted corn & black beans

Dippers: Miniature bell peppers, baked tortilla chips

Creamy, rich or cured: Colby Jack cheese

Pickled or piquant: Jarred roasted red peppers

Floral or sweet: Fresh mango, cherry tomatoes

Garnish: Fresh cilantro sprigs

nicoise appetizer board

A fun spin on the classic composed French salad, this impressive appetizer board features a smoked salmon spread. Snappy green beans, a medley of olives, soft-boiled eggs sprinkled with chives and paprika, grainy mustard and tomatoes serve as the ode to the classic, while seeded crackers and mixed nuts add a crunchy upgrade.

Spreadable centerpiece: Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball

Dippers: Fresh green beans, seeded crackers

Creamy, rich or cured: Soft-boiled eggs sprinkled with chives & paprika, mixed assorted olives, roasted assorted nuts or trail mix

Pickled or piquant: Whole-grain mustard

Floral or sweet: Cherry tomatoes

mediterranean party board

Channel the flavors of one of the heart-healthiest cuisines in this bountiful appetizer board. A dip duo of classic hummus and roasted eggplant dip offers dunking options for seeded crackers, toasted bread, carrot sticks and raw fennel slices. Juicy grapes and dried apricots offer a sweet counterpart to the salty ribbons of prosciutto and chunks of feta cheese. Marinated artichoke hearts bestow a briny bonus.

Spreadable centerpiece:  Mediterranean Eggplant Dip with Sizzled Garlic and store-bought plain hummus, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with dried mixed herbs

Dippers: Rainbow carrots, raw fennel slices, seeded crackers, mini whole-grain baguette

Creamy, rich or cured: Prosciutto slices, herbed feta crumbles

Pickled: Marinated artichoke hearts

Floral or sweet: Red grapes, dried apricots

Garnish: Fresh basil sprigs

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