Your one-stop shop for growing your own herbs, greens and vegetables in pots—plus delicious ways to cook up your harvest.
container food gardening

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Short on space? Container gardening is a great way to grow your own food and doesn't require a ton of space to make it happen. We'll show you the best foods to grow in pots and how to cook up your garden-fresh vegetables and herbs.

1 Tomatoes

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If you have a small space for a garden, growing tomatoes in containers is an easy, effective way to enjoy the fresh flavor of juicy, homegrown tomatoes. Learn how to grow tomatoes in pots, including what kind of soil to use and what varieties work best.

Foods That You Can Grow Indoors

2 Peppers

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Container gardening with peppers is a wonderful way to enjoy tangy bell peppers and spicy jalapeños alike. Learn how to grow peppers in a pot for maximum results, including how to water peppers, tips for growing peppers and more.

Salad Greens

3 Salad Greens

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Learn how to grow a salad container garden in just a few easy steps.

grow light in a kitchen with herbs

4 Herbs

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Indoor herb gardens not only provide fresh herbs at your fingertips, but also fill your home with fragrance and greenery. Learn how to grow herbs indoors, including what herbs to grow indoors, tips on care and lighting, and indoor herb garden ideas.

tray of microgreens

5 Microgreens

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Step-by-step instructions to grow your own windowsill microgreens indoors.

A Grow-Your-Own-Salsa Container Garden Plan

6 Salsa Container Garden Plan

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Create a beautiful container garden with these step-by-step instructions for growing tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, onions and garlic—and use our simple salsa recipe to make fresh salsa all summer long.

Container Gardening Design Ideas That Won't Break Your Back

7 Container Gardens Ideas That Won't Break Your Back

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These vertical garden ideas will help you raise up your plants, making it easier to care for them without having to bend over. Here are five ideas perfect for small spaces—from carts and ladders to hanging pots and moss balls (kokedama).

Growing lettuce indoors

8 Foods That You Can Grow Indoors

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If you love to cook with fresh vegetables and herbs, growing an indoor garden is a great way to keep your recipes clean and healthy year-round—even in winter.

ikea hanging planters

9 Fun Planter Ideas

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Pick the perfect pot for growing herbs and greens indoors with these 9 fun picks. Plus find tips for choosing the best container for your space.

DIY Desktop Herb Garden to Help You Chill Out at Work

10 Desktop Herb Garden

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Learn how to plant and grow an indoor edible garden on your desk with this step-by-step how-to guide.