The Best Healthy Veggie Chips to Buy

These are our top picks after taste-testing and analyzing the nutrition and ingredients of almost 40 different kinds of chips. Plus find shopping tips on what to look for when you're buying veggie chips.

The Best Healthy Veggie Chips to Buy

In this veggie chip comparison, we stacked up every veggie chip on the market against EatingWell's rigorous nutrition parameters-only the chips that scored high marks for nutrition made it through to the next round. Then we shopped our way through 6 grocery stores, and tore into 39 qualifying bags for taste-testing. After some serious debate (and eating and re-eating), here are our winners-along with some general shopping advice on what to look for when you're buying a healthy veggie chip.

Our Top 6 Picks: Vegetable Chips

We did the hard work of veggie chip vetting (#thestruggleisreal) so you don't have to guess which are the tastiest and healthiest at your supermarket.

Forager Wasabi Greens

Forager Wasabi Greens

Made with leftover pulp from juices, these chips are a tasty way to tackle food waste. Seedy, with a wasabi kick!

Cassava Crunch Seeds

Cassava Crunch Seeds

We chose these cracker-shaped chips, made from the starchy root veg, for their flax-flecked nuttiness.

Beanitos Hint of Lime


So incredibly zesty, who needs salsa? We also like Beanitos Sweet Chili & Sour Cream and Honey Chipotle BBQ.

SunChips Veggie Harvest Farmhouse Ranch


Light and crunchy, this chip has great texture. We love its flavors of buttermilk, chives and garlic.

Terra Original

Terra Original

The combo of taro, sweet potato, batata, yuca and parsnip are like a "salad" of real-veg flavors, food editor Jim Romanoff says.

Simply Tostitos Black Bean

Simply Tostitos Black Bean

Cumin and chili spices give this chip a delicious refried-bean taste. Bonus: you get 5 grams of fiber per serving.

How to Shop for a Healthy Veggie Chip

Because the veggie chip category is so huge and varied, we decided to eliminate white-potato-based chips and corn tortilla chips from the start. It turns out, many "veggie" chips are mostly potato-based, with veggie powders added for flavor and color. Make sure the first ingredient, say parsnip, is the veg you expect to get.

1. Watch the Salt!

We found some veggie chip brands to be super high in sodium, so keep an eye out. Our cap is 150 milligrams. And stick to the 1-ounce portion to avoid salt-and calorie!-overload. (Most serving sizes keep the latter in check.)

2. Enjoy Bonus Nutrients

Over half of the veggie chips we picked through in stores had more fiber than potato chips (which only have 1 gram). Some pack 6 grams! And we found bean-based chips have around 4 grams of protein, while sweet potato varieties can be a rich source of vitamin A.

3. Numbers to look for:

Sodium: ≤150 mg
Fiber: ≥2 g

Watch: How to Make Your Own Veggie Chips

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