The taco-night secret that saved my weeknights? Keep these essential ingredients on hand for a quick dinner anytime you have a taco craving.
Black Bean Tacos

Pictured Recipe: Black Bean Tacos

I've never met a taco I didn't like. I LOVE tacos. There are so many different ways to enjoy tacos: bean tacos with cheese, shrimp tacos with creamy cilantro sauce, steak tacos with guacamole, fish tacos with cabbage slaw. Tacos on a crispy shell, tacos on a flour tortilla, tacos on a corn tortilla, even wrapped in lettuce!

But it wasn't until I had kids that I put taco night on the weekly dinner rotation. It was then, out of desperation, I realized the amazing secret about tacos that revolutionized my weeknights: you can make tacos 100% from foods you probably already have in your kitchen. Tacos are the ultimate dinner-from-the-pantry.

I had this realization one night when there was no food in the house, no time to go shopping and all I had on hand to scare up a decent meal was a package of tortillas, a can of black beans and a block of Cheddar. I found some frozen corn in the freezer, half a bell pepper that needed to be used up and a few random condiments that I put on the table with a pile of spoons. It was everything we needed for a tasty taco dinner. And the family was fed and happy.

A balanced diet is a taco in each hand