Make Your Holiday Table Shine with These Products Picked by Our Stylists

Holiday get-togethers are the time to make your table as pretty as a picture. So we asked some of the stylists who pick out the dishes, utensils and glasses for our photo shoots to share their best tips and go-to sources. One thing they all agreed on? Matchy-matchy is out. Family heirlooms mixed with modern pieces and thrift-store finds are in. Here are picks some of our favorite stylists love.

Terrane Snifter, $55


Start-or end-a special evening with über-stylish handmade glassware. These snifters fit perfectly into the nook of your hand.

Charlotte Autry, Asheville, NC

Cutipol Serveware, $50

Gold servers

During the holidays, I like to lend a little luxury to the table by adding silver and gold tones. Cutipol serveware from Portugal comes in a beautiful brushed gold.

Kaitlyn Du Ross Walker, Brooklyn, NY

Farmhouse Pottery Serving Boards, $65 and up

Farmhouse Pottery Serving Boards

The perfect table blends well-loved items with new classics. The silverware that my dad gave my mom for their 40th anniversary sits next to the elegant but rustic serving boards from Farmhouse Pottery.

Sue Mitchell, Des Moines, IA

Etched Blooms Tumbler, $18

Etched Blooms Tumbler

To make the table more modern, I use small glasses in trendy colors, such as these from Terrain for wine or water.

Sue Mitchell, Des Moines, IA

Linen Napkins, $36 for 4

Linen Napkins

Mixing dark and light ceramics with natural linens lets the food shine. Studiopatró's napkins (above) and Sarah Kersten's bowls (below) have the perfect amount of personality and simplicity.

Glenn Jenkins, San Francisco, CA

Sarah Kersten's Bowls, $26 and up


Add in favorite pieces from your travels or a homemade piece from a friend to create a table that shows your unique style.

Glenn Jenkins, San Francisco, CA

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