Apple is releasing a new batch of delicious emojis that includes a Chinese takeout box, fortune cookie, pie, broccoli and coconut.

Think about all the times you've sent food-related emojis to your friends and family: probably too many to count, right? There's always that one emoji you wish you had.

The collective universe completely lost it when Apple released new food emojis, including croissants and tacos, a couple of years ago. (What better excuse is there to host a taco Tuesday?) Now, Apple is causing foodies across the globe to start craving the latest round of emojis, set to take over the world in November.

Check out the entire roster below. (We're also particularly excited about the mermaid and wizard emojis, tbh).

The long-awaited introductions of the Chinese takeout box, fortune cookie and wonton are sure to send your not-so-subtle hints about what you're craving for Friday night dinner (General Tso's Chicken, anyone?). And while pies and pretzels are sweet and salty treats to share from time to time, we're definitely going coconuts over the new fruit and veggie additions. Never again will you have to remind your friends to get more broccoli in their diets!

While some lucky and tech-savvy souls are already sending out dozens of tantalizing teasers of what the new emoji set has to offer, everyone with an iPhone is sure to be super jazzed about the latest round of electronic munchie messages heading to the masses. The real question is, can you contain your emoji emotions until November?