1-Day Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Meal Plan: 2,000 Calories

All Greens Smoothie Bowl

Food allergies and intolerances don't need to stand in the way of healthy eating. With some simple planning, eating with allergies and intolerances is made easy. In this pre-planned dairy-free, gluten free meal plan, delicious meals and snacks combine for a nutritious day of eating, completely free of dairy and gluten-containing ingredients. We made sure to include foods high in folate, potassium and niacin-three nutrients that can be lacking in a dairy-free, gluten-free diet. You'll find plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, bean, legumes, and lean protein that will keep you feeling satisfied and nourished all day long.


Breakfast (437 calories)

• 1 serving All Greens Smoothie Bowl

• 1 hard-boiled egg seasoned with a pinch each of salt & pepper

A.M. Snack

A.M. Snack (295 calories)

Salt & Pepper Edamame Pods

• 1 cup edamame pods, steamed (either in the microwave or on the stove top)

Steam edamame and sprinkle with coarse salt and ground pepper to taste.

• 1 medium apple


3-Day Kick-Start Meal Plan

Lunch (492 calories)

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