The Best Meal-Prep Containers for Work Lunches

Our favorite glass, stainless steel and BPA-free meal-prep containers to help you save money, control portions and eat healthier.

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The Best Meal-Prep Containers for Lunch

Stock up on these totable meal-prep containers to make your weekly meal prep as easy and organized as can be. These meal-prep containers span the spectrum from glass to stainless steel, and from super-affordable to a little pricey-but trust us, they're worth the investment in the long run, especially if you're someone who meal preps every week. Read on to see our all-time favorite meal-prep containers for work lunches and give one of our meal-prep lunch plans a try!

Meal-Prep Lunch Plans to Try

Follow the step-by-step instructions for meal prepping a week's worth of healthy and delicious lunches.

Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

prep naturals meal prep


Buy It: $30 for a pack of five

This brand of leak-proof glass meal-prep containers come in 1, 2 or 3 compartments to easily keep foods separated. The 5-pack of containers is perfect if you're the kind of person who meal preps and portions out all your lunches at once for a week of grab-and-go meals. This is the same container we use for our meal-prep lunches here at EatingWell!

Rubbermaid Brillance Salad Container

rubbermaid brilliance food container

Buy It: $15 for one

No more suffering from soggy salads with this brilliant leak-proof salad container. We love that this keeps food separate and even has a spot for a dressing cup to fit nicely. This all-in-one container makes it easy to take your salad to-go.

ECOLunchbox Seal Cups

eco lunch box

Buy It: $40 for a set of three

These durable stainless-steel containers come in 5 different sizes to fit whatever you feel like packing up for lunch and the silicone lids are leak proof so you don't need to worry about making a mess if things get tossed around on your commute. Plus, these containers nest in one another, saving space in your cabinet.

Stasher Bags

stasher bag

Buy It: $12 for one

These reusable plastic-free storage bags made from silicone are a durable, safe and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Of the three different sizes, the snack and sandwich bags are ideal for packing up your lunch and snacks for the day, while the larger half-gallon size is great for at-home storage. Freezer safe and easy-to-clean by hand or in the dishwasher, these bags can even be microwaved and boiled up to 400ºF. Buy individual bags or go with a pack of 4 for a bundled price.

Joseph Joseph Nest Glass Storage

joseph joseph meal prep containers
Photo: Joseph Joseph.

Buy It: $30 for a pack of 4

Organization IS possible with these amazing nesting meal-prep containers. These glass containers fit neatly inside one another for easy storage and the lids snap together tightly, making them less likely to go missing. Each set comes with 4 different sized containers-the small and medium sizes fit nicely in your lunchbox, while the large and extra-large sizes work great for storing batch-cooked items to use throughout the week (like brown rice or cooked chicken) or even for meal-prepping a make ahead dinner, like a casserole. An added bonus, these containers are thermal shock resistant, meaning they can go straight from the freezer to the oven without shattering.

Mason Jars

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Buy It: $12 for a pack of 9

This may be the OG meal-prep container for work lunches, but if it's not broken don't fix it, right? We love the wide-mouth pint-and-a-half size for mason-jar salads or cup-of-noodle soups and the 4 oz. glass jars are great for whipping up a quick dressing to take on-the-go. What we love most about these? They're cheap!

Bentology Portion Perfect Lunch Box Set

bentology lunchbox

Buy It: $13 for 6-piece set

This organized container set gives you a place to put each part of your lunch so it's all in one place and also ensures you are eating just the right amount of each item. With a perfectly portioned container for veggies, fruits, proteins and fats, you can skip the step where you get out your measuring cup and simply fill up the designated container.

Glad To-Go Lunch Containers

The Hidden Secret to Glad Containers

Buy It: $10 for a pack of 4

These Glad containers almost broke the internet when a Twitter user revealed that the smaller cup snaps inside the lid of the larger container. This little hack will revolutionize your lunch meal-prep, giving you the ability to easily pack your salad and dressing together, or grain bowl and sauce, or hummus and veggies-the options are endless!

Kilner Jar

kilner jars

Buy It: $9.50 for 1-liter jar

An alternative to plastic, this glass jar plus dressing cup keeps wet dressings, sauces or toppings separate from your main meal. The stainless-steel cup is secured by the lid and stays put so your salad greens won't be smushed come lunchtime.

Bentology Bento Jar

bentology bento jar

Buy It: $17 for 17 oz. jar

Handy for prepping and storing liquids like smoothies and soups, these insulated stainless-steel containers will store hot food for six hours and cold food for four hours. No need for a fridge or microwave! You lunch will be ready-to-eat when you are.

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