With the announcement a few weeks ago that HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines would be releasing a tableware line at Target in November, we thought we were at peak Magnolia excitement. Well, we were wrong. Joanna Gaines is (finally!) releasing a cookbook. And our little Fixer Upper-loving hearts can hardly contain themselves.

Chip & Joanna Gaines

Is there anything this couple can't do? Seriously, let us know.

Joanna posted a photo on Instagram this past weekend showing off some of the recipes from her soon-to-be cookbook. The post says, "After a week long photoshoot for our cookbook, celebrating with some homemade mac n cheese and brownie pie just feels right. #MagnoliaTableCookbook"

By the looks of it, the mac and cheese is baked in a single-serving cast-iron skillet. Cutesy points go to you, Joanna!

All we need to know now is when this beauty of a book will be released. We'll be feverishly watching Fixer Upper-and simultaneously crying over the news the show will end after its 5th season-until then, so hopefully it won't be too long!

As for the book's title, we're guessing from the hashtag used in the Instagram posts it'll be something like The Magnolia Table Cookbook. Which makes sense seeing as it's the same name as the Gaineses' new restaurant, a breakfast, brunch and lunch joint in Waco, Texas. According to the couple's website, the restaurant should open by the end of this year. It'll serve homestyle favorites like Chip's "famous ham sandwich," eggs Benedict, burgers and pies. Perhaps some of these will sneak their way into the cookbook too.

So, are we at peak Magnolia excitement now? We're guessing not even close.