The Best Ice Pop Brands to Buy

Enjoy the blast of cool air as you open the freezer case to buy ice pops. Here's how to find ice pop brands that are healthy AND tasty.

Fruit pops range from all-fruit ones to confections made with sugar, coloring and fruit flavor. Stick with those that list fruit or fruit puree first on the ingredient list (or second after water). Many pops are made with fruit juice, which provides some of the same nutrients, but they usually have more total sugar. Look for ones that are 100% juice.

Some brands blend veggies into their pops-they're generally no more or less healthy than their fruit-only counterparts. Some fruit pops add a swirl of milk or ice cream, which gives a creamy texture but also adds calories from sugar and fat.

Chocolate pops are typically made with milk (dairy and nondairy), cocoa and sugar. The milk adds fat and protein not found in fruit pops, which means a higher calorie count. For a reasonable treat, look for ones with 100 calories or less.

Ingredients to Note: Many frozen desserts contain guar gum, locust (aka carob) bean gum and/or xanthan gum. These ingredients improve the texture of ice pops and research shows they're safe. Ice pops can also contain synthetic food dyes. But most real fruit pops are colored with natural dyes, like fruit and vegetable juices or spices.

Numbers to Look For (per serving)

Calories (fruit pops): ≤ 60

Calories (chocolate): ≤ 100

Sugar: ≤ 15 g

Our Favorites:

  • Nestlé Outshine Fruit Bars Grape
  • Julie's Organic Fudge Bars
  • Minute Maid Juice Bars
  • Chloe's Pops Mango
  • GoodPop Frozen Pops Strawberry

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