Aldi UK has been releasing some seriously awesome wine products this fall-a 25-day wine advent calendar and a bottle of prosecco the size of 4 normal-size bottles-and we are experiencing some major FOMO here in the U.S. While we cross all our fingers and toes in hopes of getting them here (like that time Aldi finally brought its award-winning $8 bottle of wine to our market), tide yourself over with these wine-lover must-haves.

1. 12 Nights of Wine, $129


It's not Aldi's 25 days of wine, but until that comes to the U.S., this advent calendar from Vinebox will have to do. Get your name on the list now-last year it sold out in four weeks.

2. Target's California Roots Wine Collection, $5

Target California Roots Wine

If you thought Aldi's $8 wine was a steal, we're going to bet a $5 bottle from Target will make your heart absolutely sing. You can choose from a chardonnay all the way to a merlot.

3. Molinari Wine-Infused Coffee, $19.95

Molinari Wine-Infused Coffee

Who doesn't need a pick-me-up and a de-stresser all in one cup? This $20 bag of wine-infused coffee beans from Molinari is sure to get you your caffeine and wine fix all in one sip.

4. Trader Joe's Simpler Wines, $3.99

Trader Joe's Simpler Wines

You simply cannot beat a four-pack of canned wine for $4, and at Trader Joe's, no less? You best head to your nearest Joe's and stock up before they're all gone for good!

5. Oil Slick Stemless Wine Glass, $12

Urban Outfitters Holographic Wine Glass

Though the classic appeal of a standard wineglass is indisputable, there's something magical about this holographic, stemless wonder from Urban Outfitters.

6. Honeycomb Wine Holder, $48

Honeycomb Wine Holder

All wine lovers need a fabulous and functional way to show off their well-kept collection. This innovative wine holder from Anthropologie lets you stylishly store up to six bottles at a time.

7. Feel the Liberation Corkscrew, $24.99

Feel the Liberation Corkscrew

Nothing may be fundamentally wrong with your trusty corkscrew that's seen its fair share of beloved bottles, but shouldn't it make you smile too? This Day of the Dead–themed corkscrew from Modcloth will delight your guests just as much as the sound of the classic cork pop.