Eat less processed foods and get healthier this month.
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Want to eat more vegetables? Fuel up with fruits? Ditch added sugars and ingredients you can't pronounce? Feed your body right with 30 days of real food. Rather than restriction, this 30-day reset focuses on all the delicious whole food you will be eating. Includes 30 days of healthy real food dinners.

30 day whole food challenge calendar 2021
30 Days of Healthy Whole Food Dinners

Eat More Real Food

Hasselback Tex-Mex Avocados
Pineapple Green Smoothie

Healthy Whole Food Choices

Spaghetti with Quick Meat Sauce

7 Tips for Clean Eating

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Your guide to eating more whole foods and reducing processed foods. These are our best tips to help you start eating clean—recipes included.

Artichokes with Lemon & Dill

12 Fiber-Rich Foods to Help with Good Gut Bacteria

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New research shows that certain types of fiber are better for improving your gut health. Find out which foods you should add to your diet.

superfood chopped salmon salad

3 Ways to Limit Processed Foods (& the Ones You Should Keep in Your Diet)

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Learn which packaged foods to limit and which can be part of a healthy diet.

Herbal Chamomile Health Tonic

9 of the World's Healthiest Spices & Herbs You Should Be Eating

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People around the world have known for centuries about the healing power of herbs and spices. Here's the science behind why they are so good for you, and tips for how to get your fill.

Whole Food Meal Plans

spinach salad with white beans
Greek Kale Salad with Quinoa & Chicken

Tips for Eating More Whole Foods


5 Tips for Making Clean-Eating Breakfasts

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Have an easy, nutritious breakfast that helps you meet your clean eating goals with these recipes and tips.

outsmart your sugar cravings
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Science-Approved Tricks to Outsmart Your Sugar Cravings

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Overcome your urge for sweet treats, no matter how tempting the eye candy (or real candy!).


5 Tips for Making Clean-Eating Snacks

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Plus, which foods to ditch to eat clean.