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The Hidden Secret to Glad Containers

When you're packing your lunch for work, one of the most annoying tasks is gathering up three or four different containers for all your food, dressings and dips. But a new container hack for is going to change your lunch-packing game forever.

Last week Twitter user Mama Graciee inadvertently revealed a hack that has revolutionized lunch prep for us- the indentation on the lids of larger Glad containers doubles as a lid for the tiny cups.

That's right-the seemingly awkward circular indent in your GladWare lid isn't a weird design; it's for popping in a smaller container (think salad dressing or nuts) to nestle inside your large container (where the salad veggies go). And while we're calling this a hack, it's actually how Glad intended for this system to be used.

We have to admit this idea is completely genius-and makes us wonder how we didn't discover it sooner. The storage potential is endless:

  • Dressing or toppings for salad
  • Hummus for sliced veggies
  • Granola for yogurt
  • Fresh fruit for cottage cheese
  • Sriracha for grain bowls
  • Croutons for soup

Keeping the toppings separate, but still in the same container, eliminates soggy salads and prevents you from forgetting to pack another tiny cup of ranch.