Aldi's Award-Winning $8 Bottle of Rosé Soon to Arrive in the U.S.

In case you needed another reason to celebrate the beginning of fall, starting Wednesday, September 20, you'll be able to get your very own bottle of award-winning $8 (um, yes, $8!) rosé from your local Aldi's.

Up until recently, Aldi's Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé 2016 was only available in the U.K. However, with bottles currently en route to the U.S., rosé lovers across the country will soon be able to get their fix-and at an affordable price.

Aldi describes its acclaimed bottle, dubbed the best value rosé at the International Wine Challenge, as "delicate," but with "intense flavors of strawberry and white fruit" and "a subtle touch of spice." If you already had a chance to enjoy our recipe for low-carb Strawberry Rosé Granita, Aldi also says their rosé pairs well with grilled fish or salad and makes for a great aperitif before a meal. Or, you know, you could just pour yourself a glass or two or three or ... hey, it's only $8 a bottle!

If quality wine available at a low-cost price is something you can get behind, run, don't walk, to Aldi's while supplies last.

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