Packed with vegetables, bread and dips, these snack boards will keep your guests satisfied for the whole game.

Let's be honest. The best thing about game day? Undeniably, the food. This season we're loving snack boards. They're easy to build, highly customizable and oh-so-tasty. The best thing about these boards? They're almost as fun to look at as they are to eat. Serve them on a big, solid-colored platter or a wooden cutting board and let people dig in as they please-there is something for everyone. Try one of these four variations to get started.

1. Antipasto Board

Antipasto board

A mishmash of salty and savory bites, antipasto plates are always a party favorite. Start with marinated vegetables, such as orange and oregano bell peppers and artichokes, garlic and rosemary cauliflower, asparagus and mushrooms or simple marinated olives. Add a quick tapenade for smearing on crackers or crusty bread. An antipasto board wouldn't be complete without some savory cured meats: try prosciutto, capicollo or sopressata, and a wedge of your favorite cheese or two. Finally, finish off your masterpiece with a bowl of this aromatic olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. When arranging, spread out the colors and flavors for maximum visual appeal.

2. Cheese Board

Cheese plate

Words to live by: you can never go wrong with a cheese plate. It's similar to an antipasto board, but here cheese is the real star and you'll want to have at least four options-a hard cheese (like Parmesan or Cheddar), soft cheese (try Brie or goat cheese), semi-soft cheese (such as Gouda or mozzarella) and stinky cheese (like blue). Be sure to cut, shave or chunk cheese ahead of time for easier access. Evolve the typical cheese-and-cracker-heavy plate with fresh fruit, nuts and meats.

3. Chip & Dip Board

Chip board

Tortilla chips (try homemade!) and an array of different dips will definitely disappear before kickoff. Your favorite jarred salsa will work, but if you have an extra 10 minutes, our tomato salsa recipe is fresh, easy and bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Don't skimp on the citrus in your favorite guac-it keeps the dip a bright, vibrant green. There's nothing quite like homemade French onion dip made with sweet caramelized onions. Our healthier version remains rich and creamy while having 12 grams less fat and nearly half the sodium as a storebought version. Finish off the spread with a steaming bowl of our drool-worthy Buffalo Chicken Dip. It is game day, after all.

4. Hummus & Crudités Board

Rainbow hummus

We can all agree that hummus is amazing. What's more amazing? Hummus in four vibrant, eye-catching hues, with no artificial coloring. Vegetables with naturally vivid tones, like beets, avocado and roasted red peppers, bring hummus to a new level in our Rainbow Hummus. Spread the bowls of hummus out on a board, then surround them with dippers like colorful crudités, such as carrots, bell peppers, radishes and broccoli. And don't forget the whole-wheat pita or pita chips!