When it comes to eating more produce, lunch is the perfect time to squeeze in those fruit and veggie servings. Watch these helpful how-to videos to get some great ideas for packing healthy lunches for work and school. Plus, see what your kids really think about what's in their lunch.

1. How to Pack a Bento Lunch for Kids

Take some stress out of the morning by teaching your kids how to pack their own healthy lunch. Setting up this station makes it a breeze for them to pack up their lunch box. Plus, when they're picking what they want to eat, they're more likely to actually eat it. After packing, just put the bins back in the fridge and pantry to store until the next morning.

3. How to Pack a Healthy Lunch for Work

Pack a cheap, healthy lunch for work every day with these easy and fun bento box ideas. Pack a full lunch without having to have all those containers at the end of the day.

4. How to Pack Lunch for You and Your Kids in Half the Time

Take some stress out of the morning by packing a lunch both you and your kids will love. With just a few slight changes, you're kids will be off to school with a healthy lunch that they'll actually want to eat and you'll be off with a delicious packable lunch for work.

5. How to Make Lunch Box Art Kids Will Love

Make lunch time fun with these ideas for turning healthy foods into animal and rainbow creations your kids will love!

6. Kids React! What's In My Lunch Box?!