How to Make S'mores Even Better? Make a S'mores Board with These Outrageous Smash-Ups

S'mores 6 ways

Classic s'mores made of campfire-toasted marshmallows, luscious chocolate and graham crackers are a winning camping recipe for a reason. The heat from the scorched marshmallow makes the chocolate just start to melt and old-fashioned graham crackers have the perfect toothsome bite and heft to contain the oozing contents. But have you ever wondered what else you could add to make s'mores even more outrageous? We found an easy answer: fresh fruit.

With this simple formula, you can make endless stacks of ooey-gooey goodness. So build up the campfire and find your favorite roasting stick. Here's how to shake up the s'mores game.

S'mores station

1. Pick Your Crunchy Cookie

First, think outside the graham cracker box. We tested a variety of crackers and cookies and found that our favorites were thin, crisp cookies with just a hint of sweetness. These include almond, coconut, ginger or lemon thins and chocolate wafers. (You can also stick to classic graham crackers!)

2. Spread with Something Gooey

If you're using chocolate (or another candy bar, such as a Mounds), the heat from the marshmallow will make it melt and get a bit gooey. If you want to give your s'more a different hit of flavor, try spreading jam, lemon curd, chocolate-hazelnut spread or peanut butter onto the cookies.

3. Top with Fruit

Top your gooey spread with fresh fruit cut to fit on your cookie. Our favorites: banana slices, peach slices, quartered pineapple rings, raspberries and strawberry slices.

4. Toast Your Marshmallow

It wouldn't be a s'more without a melted marshmallow. Toast over a campfire or use a long match. We're not judging.

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5. Assemble Your S'mores

Use a fork to slide the hot marshmallow on top of the fruit. Top with another cookie and enjoy!

Video: How to Make S'mores 4 Ways

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