Healthy protein sources, like chicken, Greek yogurt, eggs, edamame and chickpeas, combine to deliver a whopping 98 grams of satisfying protein for the day.

Victoria Seaver, M.S., R.D., Digital Meal Plan Editor
February 14, 2019

Protein does your body a lot of good. It builds healthy cells and repairs ones that are damaged, keeps your immune system in tip-top shape, and helps you to feel full and satisfied after a meal. In this 1-day meal plan, meals and snacks feature healthy protein sources, including chicken, Greek yogurt, eggs, edamame and chickpeas, that combine to deliver a whopping 98 grams of satisfying protein for the day.

While protein has many benefits, healthy eating is really about maintaining the right balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Eat too much protein and too few carbs, and you'll end up missing out on the important nutrients that come from carbohydrate-containing foods-niacin, fiber and magnesium, to name a few. We maintain a healthy balance in this 1,800-calorie meal plan by following the recommended Macronutrient Distribution Range-a guide for balanced eating established by the Institute of Medicine. It suggests that protein make up 10-35% of total daily calories, carbohydrates fall within 45-65%, and fats be within the 20-35% range. By eating within this range, you should get all the essential vitamins and minerals you need each day, and plenty of protein to keep you feeling full and satisfying all day long.


Breakfast (407 calories, 31 g protein)

A.M. Snack

A.M. Snack (114 calories, 9 g protein)

Strawberries with Lemon-Vanilla Greek Yogurt

• 1 cup strawberries

• 1/3 cup nonfat Greek yogurt

• 1 tsp. maple syrup

• 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

• 1 tsp. lemon zest

Combine yogurt with maple syrup, vanilla extract and lemon zest. Top berries with the yogurt mixture.


Lunch (510 calories, 32 g protein)

• 1 serving Mediterranean Wrap

P.M. Snack

P.M. Snack (100 calories, 8 g protein)

Salt & Pepper Edamame Pods

• 1/2 cup edamame pods, steamed (either in the microwave or on the stove top)

• Sprinkle with coarse salt and ground pepper to taste.


Dinner (671 calories, 16 g protein)

• 1 serving Turmeric Rice Bowl with Garam Masala Root Vegetables & Chickpeas (1 cup vegetable-chickpea mixture & ¾ cup rice)

Daily Total: 1,800 calories, 98 grams protein, 213 grams carbohydrates, 31 g fiber, 65 g fat, 2,237 mg sodium.

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