Foodie moms can be tricky to buy for—here are some Mother's Day gift ideas she'll love.
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mothers day gift guide

Figuring out what to give my mom for a Mother's Day gift used to be easy. When I lived close to her, I'd always cook up one of her favorites—black-and-white cookies, a roast chicken and risotto, homemade cheese crackers—then grab a card, arrange some flowers and call it a day. But ever since moving 800 miles from home, I find I need to do a little more planning. Since she loves to cook and eat as much as I do, here are a few of my favorite food-related gifts that I think any mom will enjoy.

A Beautiful Mug

Sheldon Ceramics Farmhouse Latte Mug

(Photo: Sheldon Ceramics)

My mom makes her first cup of coffee almost immediately after waking up. This beautiful, generously sized mug hails from Los Angeles potter Peter Sheldon. The black-and- white glaze will be reminiscent of the cookies from my mom's hometown, New York City.

A Cookbook

Credit: Amazon

Patricia Wells has been teaching cooking classes in France since 1996. This is her 15th cookbook and it's truly a masterpiece. This book is filled with master recipes that teach all the basic cooking techniques along with sub recipes that allow you to personalize based on your taste preferences. One example: a master recipe for Sweet Chestnut Honey Madeleines plus a praiseworthy Walnut Cake sub recipe that uses the same batter.

A Great Knife Set

Misen Essentials Knife Set

(Photo: Misen)

A chef's knife and a paring knife are the two most important and used knives in the kitchen. In fact, I have three chef's knives and four paring knives in my kitchen. Misen's knives have earned a spot in the knife block because they are sharp and have a good weight in your hand, making it easy to cut through unwieldy vegetables. The price is unbeatable for quality knives and I can get them in my mom's favorite color, Carolina blue.

A Delicious Bottle of Wine

Proud Pour Wine

(Photo: Proud Pour Wine)

With Proud Pour Wine, you can sip happily knowing you've also made an environmental contribution. For each bottle of its North Coast Sauvignon Blanc sold, 100 wild oysters are restored to local waters. Does Mom prefer red wine? Profits from Proud Pour's 2015 Oregon Pinot Noir are used to help the 3,600 native bee species across the U.S.

A Sturdy Farmers' Market Tote

Waxed Canvas Tote Bag from Red House

(Photo: Red House)

Farmers' market season is already in full force down South where my mom lives. This handmade waxed canvas bag from Red House VT is cute enough for my stylish mom, but also study enough to hold all her favorite vegetables. It'll be really hard for me to not buy myself one too!

Food-Inspired Jewelry

Delicacies Chili Pepper Necklace

(Photo: Delicacies Jewelry)

With my mom, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Since she likes spicy food, I'm sending her this 14K gold chili pepper pendant. Delicacies also has many other fruit, veggie and animal offerings, such as an octopus necklace and pineapple bracelet.